April 25, 2011

There are no Nazis in the EDL: Part 461

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We keep being told that there are no Nazis in the English Defence League and that the EDL is in no way a supporter of Nazis. Presumably then, the EDL will be wanting to kick out this bozo - apparently a key EDL organiser - posing for the cameras and making a clear as crystal Hitler salute at the recent Blackburn demo. Feel free to name and shame him.

Thanks to TT for the heads-up (and pic)


ex-bnp said...

If you look carefully at this photo, you will see three frightening things, first and foremost, neither the Seik Heiler or his "lady friend" are smiling, or joking around. Neither is he pissed.

Secondly, the Hitler salute is being performed with chilling gusto.

Thirdly, his pal from the Peterborough Division is taking a picture in-front of the press photographer for his scrapbook.

This is indeed a worrying development for everybody concerned with racism. The EDL scum are emerging from their trogan horse ready to do battle with anti-racists, and in much greater numbers than the BNP and EDL could ever muster.

By consorting with BNP in Barnsley, the NF in Barnsley, and leading members making defined, unabashed Hitler salutes in Blackburn, ten to twenty members might leave at most, with a bulk of up to 4,000 active members, the loss of an invisible handful of pro-Jewish and pro-gay members is a drop in the ocean they see as worth doing to achieve nationalist solidarity.

With the Jewish division gone, getting more militant and pro-Nazi,. they could eventually have more members than Oswald Mosley ever dreamt of.

steve said...

EDLers don't give a fuck what people think of them any more.

They have finally kicked the satbilisers from the bike.

To hell with polite society, they are saying, as they finally no-longer worry what people think of them.

penwick said...

With the BNP disintegrating daily thanks to The Griff, Jon Snowy Shaw (still of the EDL) has managed to prove to the world that the British far right isn't as fragmented as many anti-fascists believe.

Since leaving the EDL (only to return cos no-one really leaves the EDL), the young vet of the violent rooftop protest and the successful storming of Sheffield Indymedia gathering, has openly accused Tommy Robinson of stealing money from members, gathering much favour amongst rank and file EDL members.

He then, just five days before the EDL turned up in South Yorkshire to give street muscle to EDL candidates, threatened to beat up anybody who protested against far right election candidates in local elections.

Around the same time on Facebook, Snowy objected to the EDL linking up with the JDL in Canada, accusing Tommy Robinson as being "Jew-friendly" and "pro-queer" just to be "politically correct".

After making his opposition clear to the EDL leadereship, he was allowed to post again on the regional EDL Facebooks, and later on the main site, after originally being banned.

Snowy helped organise the EDL/BNP and EDL/NF co-marches, and he now seems to be universally popular not just with the EDL rank-and-file but with the disillusioned BNP and NF rank and file.

To be racist is dumb, but Snowy is less thick than the rest, and most defo sees the future of British extreme right politics of being a new party of rightwing unity which goes back to basics.

Going back to basics means allowing EDL organisers the freedom to make Nazi salutes without being expelled from the party, and trashing the Israeli flag and non-homophobic veneer.

Snowy is virtually running things in Northern England, and yet, even Searchlight don't know how popular he has become.

When the EDL take to the ballot box, Snowy not Robinson will be in charge, and all of the supposed "political correctness" will be long-since gone.

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Anonymous said...

Pretty authentic looking Wehrmacht issue tracky bottoms.

Anonymous said...

He's such a rebel giving the nazi salute; he must be the coolest kid at retard school. But, he should be careful - giving all those nazi salutes can give one arthritis in the arm.

Anonymous said...

whilst he is taking the piss in front of the camera, whats the guy up to behind him, faceing the wall??

anarchist said...

Proof that it's the EDL: someone in the background pissing against a wall.

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zoinx Boston said...

We have a similar problem with tea party across the pond. They all should be neutered and have lobotomies. All elitist and extremists. from nazis to zionist. none of you are better than me. no master race god has not promised or sect any holy land. all hate groups are pimples on the ass of human progress