September 26, 2008

BNP candidate dubs Dewsbury 'slum'

Joe Barber (Joey Smith) sneering at Dewsbury
The BNP candidate for next month's Dewsbury East by-election has branded Dewsbury an 'enriched slum'.

Singer-songwriter Joe Barber made the comment on social networking website MySpace on September 8 after a visit to Melton in Leicestershire. Writing under his stage name of Joey Smith, Mr Barber said: "I was so taken aback by the warm hospitality that I am strongly considering moving here away from the 'enriched' slum of Dewsbury."

He added that the town used to be as pleasant as Melton but had declined over several decades.

Carl Morphett, spokesman for anti-fascist group Kirklees Unity, said: "It's what you expect from the BNP. They try to concoct this false impression that they love the town. People genuinely love Dewsbury and Joe Barber who doesn't come from the town obviously doesn't care for it. If he thinks Dewsbury is a slum, what hope have people got with a BNP councillor who has no regard for the town whatsoever?

"Dewsbury East has had a BNP councillor and it's obviously made no difference whatsoever if that's what Joe Barber is saying. I'd like to see a councillor who genuinely loves the town and cares for Dewsbury, not one who spends their time slagging it off."

Mr Barber, who lives in Soothill, Batley, said: "I stand by my comments. Dewsbury is a slum. There's empty buildings, big businesses leaving and I wouldn't walk through there at night but that's even more reason to stand and to do something about it. There's a lot of people considering moving away because of it but I think the answer is to stay and try to do something about it. Dewsbury has a great history and a proud heritage and it's a pity to see it go down the drain."

He added that if elected he would work to address the problems in Dewsbury, particularly in the town centre.

Dewsbury Reporter


Zim said...

A perfect BNP candidate. Both contemptuous and stupid.

Anonymous said...

I think he gives the game away by using the phrase "'enriched' slum", 'enriched' presumably BNP code for multiracial - meaning that he despises it because there are some non-whites. Isn't it about time the government banned this racist party and its idiot members or at least started taking action against them for their constant racism and incitement.

Anonymous said...

Wow what a great day for the BNP. First that Turnip (and I DO mean Turnip) slagging off Jaywick, then this dickhead slagging off Dewsbury. There's an easy answer to both of them - fuck off.

Jake said...

"There's an easy answer to both of them - fuck off."

Couldn't agree more.

Someone who likes decent music said...

If Smith's singing is in any way indicative of his abilities as a councillor, he's going to be a washout anyway even if he wins. I've heard some of his stuff and he sounds like a stroppy little girl squawking along to a karaoke machine.

Anonymous said...

"Isn't it about time the government banned this racist party and its idiot members or at least started taking action against them for their constant racism and incitement."

Fucking right it is.

Anonymous said...

how many times can you say fuck in 5 comments, lol

Anonymous said...

Little twat, no talent and a waste of space.

Anonymous said...

if its that bad, which i doubt very much, why dont he pick up a broom and a bucket and clean up his little bit?


belly said...

Does this arsehole record for "Great Shite Records"???

Hope the places where he performs are boycotted by Antifa.

Anonymous said...

I bet this loser was forced to pay Cyclops for his own t-shirt, as always.

What's happened to the accounts for GWR?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous asked "What's happened to the accounts for GWR?"

Do you mean what's happened in the sense of where are they? They're filed at Companies House where they should be.

Or do you mean what's happened in the sense of why they don't show very much? No answer to that one.

Anonymous said...

Joe is my Boyfriends Cousin. My mother is a Yugoslav Jew and My Father a Russian Muslim. My other half is devastated by Joe's conversion to the BNP.

We are marrying in March 2009 and everyone is being very polite but I can not consider inviting him or his new wife. When I discovered that he had BNP affiliations I sent him and email and he DENIED any link.

However I knew what he said was a lie as he had blocked me from his facebook page but not my partner. So I could see all of his little opinions.

I am a former Asylum seeker who's very Country was torn apart by half cocked nationalism and now 14 years later I find that this is casting a shadow over my Wedding and It makes me feel ill that the young lad I knew at 18 is now party to this insanity.


Dave said...

You shouldn't worry too much about it, Lola. Just be glad you found out the little bastard's 'ideals' before you let him get too close. Alternately, try converting him away from the BNP. You probably won't have much luck but you never know.

Have a great wedding anyway! :)

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Anonymous said...

Silly little boy! He'll grow up one day!