September 26, 2008

Jaywick: Shanty town? Not us, say residents

Jaywick residents have rejected claims from a British National Party councillor that the village “resembles a shanty town”.

Peter Turpin, a councillor for the BNP in Epping Forest, wrote a blog in which he singled out Jaywick for criticism. He wrote: “There are parts of it you wouldn’t want to be at night and parts you certainly wouldn’t want to live.”

Dan Casey, a resident of Jaywick and a member of the Jaywick Forum and the Jaywick Residents’ Forum, said Mr Turpin’s comments were out of line. He said most Jaywick residents were proud to live in the area.

“The BNP is not for Jaywick, definitely not. I would never class it as a shanty town. We moved here five years ago, and we think it is wonderful. We are so happy with the involvement and what goes on. It is a great place to live,” he said.

In his blog, Mr Turpin wrote: “If there is anyone out there who does not think there is poverty in this country then take a trip down to Jaywick on a sunny day and have a look around. Some parts of this once-bustling seaside resort resembles a shanty town. Have a seat in one of the cafes in Meadow Way and observe. You will see it, you cannot miss it. There are parts of it you wouldn’t want to be at night and parts you certainly wouldn’t want to live.”

Mr Turpin has a caravan in the Jaywick area, and says he has been visiting the town since childhood.

He said: “I have been going there for quite a few years now. It seems to be getting worse. It is quite depressing to go there. They should have proper houses with gardens, and not live in holiday homes like that.”

He said the BNP was the only party that could turn around the area. Mr Turpin said the party did not currently have a candidate to stand for election in the area, but plans to focus on getting a BNP organiser for supporters in Clacton. He made his comments on an Epping Forest BNP blog last week.

Colchester and North Essex Gazette

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