September 12, 2008

Storm over 'white history' BNP book distributed from Flintshire

White supremacist and BNP insider Arthur Kemp
A controversial book on "white history" by a Deeside man is recommended reading for British National Party members, according to a party councillor.

John Walker, from Mancot, a BNP member of Hawarden Community Council, says all party members are encouraged to read The March of the Titans: the History of the White Race. The book's author is Deeside man Arthur Kemp, himself a member of the far-right party. Mr Kemp, however, denied that the book was recommended party reading, insisting there was no "official party directive" on reading material.

The book has faced accusations of historical inaccuracy. Anti-fascist magazine Searchlight has strongly criticised the work, claiming it is "full of pseudo-history", but Mr Kemp has dismissed the controversy surrounding his work. He said: "It is a history of the white people. No-one would criticise a book about the history of the American Indians or the Chinese people."

The book is stocked at the BNP's national merchandising headquarters in Deeside, where Mr Kemp has been working in a marketing role. Called Excalibur, the facility produces party memorabilia including T-shirts, books and badges, which, according to the official BNP website, bear slogans such as 'No Immigrants – No Bombs' and 'England: love it or leave it'.

Party leaders had refused to reveal the exact location of Excalibur, claiming there was no need as the store is operated via the internet and bulk mailing, and is not open to the general public. But last week Searchlight revealed the facility is based at the Evans Business Centre on Deeside Industrial Estate.

The BNP has been branded racist by mainstream politicians, who say that they are unhappy about the party's operation in Flintshire. Carl Sargeant, AM for Alyn and Deeside, said: "I am disappointed to hear that the BNP are using premises in Flintshire to distribute literature and merchandise that promotes aggression towards minority groups. It is a long-standing belief that myself and Alyn and Deeside MP Mark Tami have been up-front about, that there is no place for the BNP in Flintshire or in the UK."

Evening Leader

Note: Arthur Kemp's massive 2006 book tracks the 'white race' from 35,000 B.C. through the 20th century, ascribing nearly all cultural and scientific advances to white people. Kemp warns that multiculturalism and race-mixing are destroying this font of all that is good since 'all civilizations rise and fall according to their homogeneity and nothing else.'

The book is anti-Semitic, containing chapters on such matters as "The Suppressed Link: Jews and Communism." Kemp and his book are favorites on the white supremacist forum Stormfront, where he occasionally weighs in on various topics.

A few chapter headings should give you a rough idea of which way Arthur Kemp's ideology leans.
  • 'The rise and fall of civilizations explained in terms of their racial homogeneity; with the Near East civilizations as examples.'
  • 'Roman conquest of mixed race Middle and Near East lands; Influx of mixed race peoples and slaves into Rome causes dissolution of original Roman population.'
  • 'The White Race war against the non-White Muslims in Palestine; Egypt, North Africa and Portugal, under the guise of Christianity.'
  • 'The non-White Moors invade Europe and are driven out by White armies; Jewish co-operation with the non-White Moors.'
  • 'White civil wars caused by Christianity; One third of the White Race killed as a result.'
  • 'Whites explore and start settling the world'
  • 'The White Conquest of South and Central America and the creation of modern South American population; fall of Incas and Aztecs explained through racial mixing.'
  • 'All significant inventions which shape the world originate with the White Race; comprehensive list of inventors, inventions, dates, places.'
  • 'The Jewish role in the creation of Communism; Soviet anti-Zionism.'
  • 'The dissolution of contemporary Western civilization through breakdown in racial homogeneity; racial discordance (race and crime); Current rates of non-White immigration will mean not one majority White country left on earth by 2090.'
More about the vile Arthur Kemp here.


Gwen Stevens said...

Kemp's a very dangerous man, he was named back in the 1990s as having drawn up a hit list to assasinate several ANC leaders including Nelson Mandela, Nelson's no2 Chris Hani was assasanated, when caught the hit man pointed the finger at Kemp as the mastermind, I don't know why he never got jailed :-(


Landale said...

If you were looking for a face full of hate then Kemp has definately got it!

Alby said...

Kemp has a little thing for young men with blonde hair!

Anonymous said...

That's true about Kemp. He's actually plotted to carry out white supremacist murder unlike many other bnp members.

Shergar said...

Is the John Walker mentioned here, the man who gets sexual satisfaction at looking at pictures of man-horse bestiality??????

Antifascist said...

'That's true about Kemp. He's actually plotted to carry out white supremacist murder unlike many other bnp members.'

Allegedly, please.

Anonymous said...

Alby said...

Kemp has a little thing for young men with blonde hair!

10:42 PM, September 12, 2008

It's all about loving the White race!

Anonymous said...

What is it with all this lot and their scruffy Brown Suits?


Anonymous said...

I can tell you why he never got jailed - because he was working for the SA security police at the same time as he was suppossedly supporting the right wing - I think he is the best thing that could happen to the BNP - he will screw them (and the little blond boys) in the end and they will not even know what happened! He is more dangerous than even the know.

Anonymous said...

Lol, this is all really funny and i am really enjoying all this, in case any of you were wondering yes I am this racist ass' son. I remember almost every night when we would ask for a bedtime story(when most NORMAL fathers would read thier children a normal book) he would instead tell us stories about how the white race was all supreme and then read us chapters from his horrible book "March of the White Titans". Well dad if you ever read this or even hear about it i just wanted to let you know that I HATE YOU!! You have no idea what i went through at school because of you, you twisted my mind and made my entire childhood a horrible misery. You will never understand what you have done to me.

This human(if you can even call him that) should be deported back to South-Africa and jailed ^^

Stephan Kemp( Arthur Kemp's son)