September 06, 2008

Fascist BNP hammered in Barrow by-election

The fascist BNP came last in the Newbarns ward by-election, Barrow-in-Furness on Thursday 4th September. The outcome was a poor result for the Nazi British National Party, who had put in work from an early stage for this election.

The results were:

1st : Conservatives 478
2nd : Labour 177
3rd : Socialist Peoples Party 155
Last: Fascist BNP 104

Barrow Unite Against Fascism carried out successful anti-fascist campaigning in the ward. As elsewhere in Barrow, it was evident during the campaign that there is a a lot of anger against the Fascists in the area.

The campaign outlined the real Nazi nature of the BNP, and once again helped mobilise the anti-fascist vote against the fascist candidate in the ward.

In this by-election, a highly successful Love Music Hate Racism gig was held in Barrow Park, attended by 200 people, to highlight the need for voters to use their vote to stop the fascists on polling day.

Musicians playing included Gwen Hechle, The Relics, Isolhate and Codejak. It was organised jointly with Unity In Music.

At a protest on election night, over 20 anti-fascists outnumbered the 4 nazis going into the count, who were clearly rattled at being exposed as Nazis by a broad-based movement which showed once again that anti-racists are the majority. Their usual attempts at fake smiles quickly slipped, as they were humiliated by the demo and humiliated - once again in Barrow - by the result.

By exposing the BNP as nazis, by anti-fascist campaigning, and events such as LMHR gigs, this by-election shows again that it is possible to beat the Nazis whenever they rear their heads by mobilising the majority anti-fascist vote against them.

Barrow and South Cumbria Unite Against Fascism


rep said...

Yet another area where they won't be arsed standing in future, along with Kirklees, Oldham, Burnley, etc, as the BNP stutters into obscurity.

Hope the anti-BNP gig in Rotherham this weekend goes well.

Hope there's gonna ba a report of this gig on this weblog.

Anonymous said...

That c**t Jefferson is using you tube again as his own RED WATCH -

PooTube said...

YouTube is the worst website for race hate on the web.

You get all sorts of evil bulshit on there, including worship of Adolf Hitler, calls for slavery to be introduced, and all sorts 'cos Google is a pro-free (hate) speech global corporation.