September 23, 2008

The British People’s Party’s Plans For 'Racial Holy War'

Behind the BPP's plans to return to 'street activism' with an 'anti Hip-Hop demo' in Leeds lie bizarre plans for their very own "Racial Holy War".

Kate McDermody (left), shortly before taking control of the BPP
The so-called ‘British People’s Party’, currently led by the odious Kate McDermody, has until recently been content to confine itself to the twilight world of British neo-Nazism. Elements of the party leadership though have long nursed fantasies about what McDermody (or ‘Dermody’ as she prefers to be called) terms “Racial Holy War”. Kevin Watmough, McDermody’s boyfriend, and still (despite all evidence to the contrary) supposed “National Organiser” of the BPP has been a cheer-leader of would-be Nazi terrorists for decades, but the BPP’s flirtation with outright terrorism has not gone well.

Earlier this year, Martyn Gilleard, the BPP’s ‘Goole Organiser’ was sentenced to 16 years for possession of nail-bombs and plans to blow up local mosques, along with nearly 40,000 images of the worst child pornography. While Gilleard, who earned the BPP the sobriquet the ‘British Paedophile Party’, was quickly dumped because of the bad publicity surrounding his child porn collection, the BPP were happy to support him in his plans to start the much talked about ‘RaHoWa’ (‘Racial Holy War.) Nor is Gilleard the only BPP member to go to jail on terrorism charges.

Watmough, who still (laughingly) sees himself as the leader of ‘Combat 18’, has long enjoyed rubbing shoulders with shaven-headed knuckle-draggers so thick that they’re happy to try and make his fantasies reality. Like Gilleard, they almost always end up in prison – unlike ‘Teflon Kev’ himself. Watmough’s, and the BPP’s latest flirtation has been with a small group of ageing would-be street warriors who currently call themselves the ‘Racial Volunteer Force’ and the ‘British Freedom Fighters’. The most recent claim to fame of this pseudo paramilitary outfit has been trying to turn over a street stall being run by some young women from the Manchester branch of the small Revolutionary Communist Group.

The alliance of the so-called ‘RVF’ and ‘’BFF’ (previously, and just as laughably, called the ‘Aryan Strike Force’) have also run the BPP’s ‘security’ at their most recent meetings. As yet, and despite claims that they have been “threatened by Reds”, this security operation remains entirely untested. Except, that is, by the police, who scooped half of the BPP’s ‘security’ detail up on drugs and weapons charges even before they made it to their last London soiree. Neither Watmough nor McDermody of course were nicked.

Having been lined up and searched by the cops, the BPP/RVF/BFF outfit seem to think they have really been in the trenches! Emboldened by this fantasy, McDermody, whose ‘White Nationalist’ profile is so thin she has to invent silly stories about being responsible for everything from the ‘Common Place’ (Leeds social centre) losing it’s drinks license to phone company ‘Orange’ changing its working practices, is now keen to start a ‘street war’.

In one of the many self-important and hate-filled rants on her fetid blog, McDermody rails against “alien faiths”, children being “brainwashed” about the Holocaust, homosexuality, and of course immigration. In Hitleresque terms, she raves on:

“We have long comprehended that this assault on our once-fine land is like a vociferous cancer, extending its tentacles of annihilation to strike at the heart of every proud man in this Country - this beast is a formidable, tenacious monster and it has been spewing its bile for way, way too long. However, you cannot vanquish such an adversary with benevolence, those tender ZOG promises have been proven the fairytale we all KNEW they were.

“This cancer can never be cured with sticking plaster and aspirin. Call it nazism, call it racism, call it pink-spots-on-your-toes if you like but I call it realisation , I call it fact and I call it the TRUTH! We have been systematically lied to for far too long by far too many people and this inherent state of docility was expected, however we have the antidote and it is called hope - that we can and WILL return this country to its rightful owners. This cancer needs a belligerent cure and we, the British People's Party are it. We are going to take back these streets for those whose heritage gives them claim to ownership, the indigenous White people. Stand by our side, shoulder to shoulder with your brothers and sisters and help us to fight this crusade to preserve YOUR Race and a future for our people.”

Despite McDermody’s bellicose bluster, we are sure that unlike some of her denser cannon-fodder, she is relying on neither being arrested, nor having to fight this ‘street war’ herself. Other fascists who have urged caution, more experienced activists with the scars to prove it, have been dismissed as “keyboard warriors” and even outright cowards, while McDermody’s own courage has extended to doing everything she can to ensure police protection for the BPP’s first street outing.

Sometime ago, McDermody began rambling about her plans to buy a black ‘rap’ CD and then complain about its content. Having researched the lyrics of a 15-year-old Ice T album, McDermody rang HMV in Leeds to see if it was in stock. Despite bellowing down the phone at them about how disgraceful it was that they had managed to locate this CD in their catalogue, McDermody then went into HMV to purchase the album. She then complained to the cops, who really must be becoming rather tired of her.

Having put Part 1 of her ‘master plan’ into action, McDermody then announced that she and the BPP, and whichever other sorry fascist idiots she manages to lure over to Leeds, would be holding a demo outside the HMV branch on Lands Lane in Leeds city centre on October 4th. When a counter demo was announced, and the cops told her that they couldn’t protect her that day, McDermody swiftly moved the demo to October 18th (‘coincidentally’ the same day as the London Anarchist Bookfair.)

McDermody though does not see herself as the Mary Whitehouse of the modern age. Her objections to this CD, and the BPP’s attempt to re-establish fascism back on the streets of Leeds (which was once its northern ‘hub’), are nothing more than a mechanism. Beneath a transparent veneer about consumer anger, McDermody’s real purpose is causing what she hopes will turn into a riot, something she thinks the BPP can make political capital from. Her blueprint for this is the Bradford riots of 2001.

While she is busy negotiating with the cops about what size banners the BPP may have and where they may stand, as well as applying for a number of marches through “immigrant” areas, McDermody, whose vicious neo-Nazism far exceeds her intelligence, has been stupid enough to announce her intentions on the fascist internet forum ‘Stormfront’. Sparring with 80’s fascist activist Joe Owens, who accuses her of not being up to the job, McDermody, posting under the farcical pseudonym ‘TruthTeller’ declares: “"I shall simply have a paper-sale if they ban me. The Leeds demo has necessitated hours with the Police to gain permission, not to mention a fully comprehensive dialogue of all proposed speeches, a copy of all banners and posters etc. Interestingly and rather relevant, the 2001 NF Bradford riots were banned but look what happened then. If we keep up the momentum and persistently apply to march, they will do the same now. I will apply every week if I have to."

Having already referred specifically to the 2001 Bradford riots, McDermody goes on to say: “We have to have the people who'll put in all the effort in CAUSING these riots that will cultivate a revolution of sorts. And then that is when the street action is needed.” She continues: “I will do whatever I believe it takes… My aim is simply to provoke a revolt and this will only be achieved through persistent presence on the streets or by applying for this. If we could have a 2001 Bradford week after week we'd get somewhere so let's do all we can as White Nationalists to try and achieve this…" McDermody’s plans, and those of the BPP, are thus made clear.

Monstrous McDermody may PRETEND she wants a riot, as a way of bigging herself up to her fellow Nazis. She may even THINK she wants a riot, after listening to the chuntering of other Leeds Nazis claiming to be responsible for starting the 2001 Bradford riots. The truth however, is that if it kicks off in Leeds, or anywhere else the BPP try to ‘take back the streets’, she and her fellow fascists will get the hiding of their lives. McDermody may think she was ‘blooded’ when she was subject to some very routine police attention in London, but she really has seen nothing yet, and neither herself nor witless Watmough could cope with the serious attention they seem intent on drawing in.

No fascist street presence can be tolerated in Leeds, and It is imperative that the BPP’s plans to cause racial conflict here and elsewhere are crushed. The fascists were systematically kicked off the streets of Leeds in the 80’s and 90’s and there can be no return to the days when they swaggered around virtually unopposed. We must come out onto the streets in unprecedented numbers to confront them, and show the neo-Nazis that their racist lies will not go unchallenged here, or anywhere else. Let’s make our voices heard.


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Biera said...

I see in my lastest copy of Searchlight that they too once again deal with Ms Dermented as they have frequently over the last few months, and very well too I might add.

I read it as an allegation that she is is an agent provocateur, given that she got all the BPP junkies and paedos nicked some months ago and conveniently for some reason happened to have her passport on her at the time.

The indymedia claims of her having worked as a prostetute also appear to have been confirmed as has a new one in this month's edition-that Ms Dermody used to be a lesbian.

Wicked stuff!

flakey said...

Not related to story but you may antifascist may be interested that it looks as though the Rebels will be going head to head with BNP in an upcoming by election

Mr Fister said...

Nice to see Franck Walsh not being allowed too close to the kiddies.

They couldn't afford another case of you know what again.

No Platform said...

She is a state plant, fact.

People should be careful as she is obviously here to drag both Antifa and the fash into the coppers arms'.

Ben Trunch said...

I think Ms Demented either got too much of the wrong sort of attention from her Dad as a kid or too little... Either way, an interesting psychological study in denial...

BTW, had some fun over at the BNP's pathetic "petition" for Nazi "teacher" Adam Walker at: - maybe others would like to leave a suitable comment for this Nazi too?

anon said...

Katherine Dermody and Eddie Stampton are both working for the state. i have this on good atuhtority and fact and verified by an independent researcher.

Mr Fister said...

I see that the fat little bitch is still mouthing off on her SO16 sponsored blog about how tough she is.

Shouldn't take much for any half sensible antifa to catch up with the syphilitic junkie ex-whore as she queues outside McDonalds to feed her pig like face.

Biera said...

It's gonna be a hell of a tear up for the lads and lasses of Antifa.

Beware of Tony White's 'nationalist intelligence' (must be an oxymoron). He says they have four members, most of whom he probably met on the nonces wing at Leeds nick.

Then you've got "Pino the paedo", he and his mates go out training (probably slapping each other with dildos after too many cans of fanta)on the weekend. Aka tossing off in his bedroom over pictures of Hitler.

Then of course you have Mr and Mrs Watmough-Dermented, a pair of battling Dwarves, both having to shag each other out of desperation as neither could get a woman of their own.

All of these tuff Nutzis will be hiding in Leeds city centre under the watchful and protective eye of their employers, the old bill.

Anonymous said...

"Katherine Dermody and Eddie Stampton are both working for the state. i have this on good atuhtority and fact and verified by an independent researcher."

Very interesting, please expand on this. The state have a habit of recruiting criminals and using them as informers in political groups.

Anon said...

Eddie was caught with his pants down under the auspices of robbing a gay man and Dermented was caught working in a brothel.

Both had previously flirted with the Nutzis and both took the opportunity to return for a few extra bob. Both are sociopaths and Dermody needs all of the friends she could get.

Socialist DEFENDER said...

Kev and Kate keep the anti-fascist movement occupied with their ridiculous 'party' and their ludicrous calls for nationalist 'unity'. They are deluding themselves if they believe they amount to a string of sausages. I predict the street demo will not take place and that Kev and Kate are counting on this.

Anonymous said...

Its true that some of the 'wiser' fash in Leeds are distancing themselves as much as possible from McDermody. These are the ones who has a previous poster says 'got the scars' and might even be pleased to see MacDermody actually having to see some street action. Rumours abound on the nutzi front that Demody is a planted wrecker and Stampton (a long time user of charlie and steroids) is just a demented psyscopath.

Socialist DEFENDER said...

Kate Mcdermody is loud, obnoxious and an intellectual vacuum.

She obviously believes that by verbally vomiting hate she can somehow compensate for her size.

Serious Nazi's in Leeds join the BNP - an organisation that has resolutely REJECTED you.

Grow up, get a life (not a glue bag for a boyfriend).

Anonymous said...

"however we have the antidote and it is called hope - that we can and WILL return this country to its rightful owners."

What hope do her children have of being removed from the care of social services, or does Dermody think nothing of allowing the state to care for them? I thought nationalists prided themselves on being good parents?

Anonymous said...

its not Eddie stampton its

EDWIN Stampton


ES said...

Kim Trueb is also working for the state