September 04, 2008

Landlady's anger over BNP meeting claim

The landlady of a popular village pub has reacted angrily after the controversial British National Party posted leaflets through neighbouring doors saying they were going to hold a meeting on her premises.

It is not the first time Margaret Orman, landlady of the Whitmore Arms in Orsett, has been at odds with the far right group. Earlier this year they used a picture of the pub, without authorisation, as an iconic symbol of ‘middle England’ in their election literature.

Now the BNP says it has organised a meeting in the pub on Saturday, September 13 when there will be speakers denouncing the local Conservative councillors.

Mrs Orman says she has not given permission for the meeting, nor would she tolerate holding one on her premises. She said: “I’m really upset about this. I heard they were distributing leaflets and immediately went out to confront some representatives of the BNP who were putting out a different leaflet. They said the meeting leaflet had nothing to do with them but I don’t believe them. It’s disgraceful that they can slur my name by association with their views.

“I’ve spoken to the police about it but they say they have done nothing wrong but it can’t be right that they are using the name of our business, that we have built up over many years, to help promote their nasty views. I will not be allowing them to meet or speak on our premises and I would like to make it clear to everyone in Orsett and in Thurrock that we do not support the BNP in any way.”

Thurrock Gazette


Anonymous said...

Shows you just how cocky Thurrock BNP are. Everywhere else they keep their meetings secret.

I blame the local Labour party, they're just so lazy down in Thurrock. If they don't starting protesting about the Nazi Scum and try to disrupt their meetings,in a few years time they will be unstoppable.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree with anon, local labour members in Thurrock need to wake up.


Anonymous said...

I know for a fact that the party booked in under a fake name just to cause aggro to the landlady because she pissed them off a few months back when she complained about them. Either they actually booked or just said they booked I dont know. There were no antifast calls to the pub threataning violence either. Same thing, to piss her off.