September 13, 2008

Nick Griffin plans visit to Australia

The BNP has announced that its leader Nick Griffin intends to visit Australia in the "very near future" at the invitation of the miniscule far-right Australian Protectionist Party.

It appears that Griffin intends to conduct a speaking tour of the country in December of this year. However, to enter the country he requires a visa and this was refused in 1998 when he last tried to visit Australia.

Nick Griffin wants to visit Australia, now one of the most vibrant, brilliant and multicultural countries on the planet, to help that tiny minority (led by a former BNP member) attempt to drag Australia back into the dark ages of white, racist and unapologetic imperialism that the Australian Protectionist Party wants to "protect".

There is still a minute imperialist, divisive and racist minority of Australians that often hark back to the bygone days when the country had a "White Australia" policy, which restricted non-white immigration into the country right up until 1973. The BNP has often commented that this is the sort of policy that it feels it would like to introduce to this country. If Australians thought that the imbecilic Pauline Hanson and her band of One Nation red-necks were bad, they will be in for one hell of a rude awakening when Griffin and his band of perennial sunglass wearing thugs arrive on their sunny shores.

Contrary to the popular stereotypes, today's Australia is a modern, vibrant multicultural country. In the last couple of years Australia has made very positive steps to redress some of the awful injustices meted out on its indigenous people by British descendents who colonised the vast nation and the surrounding continent. The Labour Prime minister Kevin Rudd, has close ties to the Chinese community in Australia and has an excellent record on defending the rights of migrant communities and workers.

This year, the Australian parliament's first order of business was to make an apology on behalf of the nation to the "stolen generation" - Aborigines who were removed from their families and ancestral lands to be "anglicised" (made to behave more like white people) for the good of the country for over one hundred years until 1969.

The effects of removing children from their parents and their communities has had an enormous and dreadful impact on the lives and the culture of the Aborigine and Torres Straight Island people of Australia.

Griffin's attempted visit is a reminder that not everyone subscribes to this modern vision. Indeed, the sort of people that would be attracted to the BNP message are the thugs who took part in race-related rioting against Muslims in Cronulla New South Wales in 2006. In this country the BNP fuels racist tensions and violence by descending on areas of economic and social difficulty to turn dissatisfaction into racist torment and violence.

It is in the interests of both countries that Griffin is refused entry into Australia.

Jeremy Jones, a spokesman for Australia's Jewish community said: ''A visit by Griffin ought to be a matter of concern for Australia's Muslim community, indeed by all communities here who have found that tolerance and engagement is a better path than division and hatred.''

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Baby Elvis said...

"Nick Griffin wants to visit Australia, now one of the most vibrant, brilliant and multicultural countries on the plant,"


Antifascist said...

Oops. :-D

Correction made. Well spotted.

Anonymous said...

One of the founders of the Australian Protectionist Party is a BNP immigrant to Australia, Mark Wilson. He was formerly a BNP organiser in the UK.

Here’s a picture of Mark Wilson (wearing a flag) on a BNP march with two of Britain’s leading and convicted neo-nazi terrorists John Tyndall (BNP founder) and Tony Lecomber (BNP senior official):

When Mark Wilson immigrated to Australia, he founded the Australian Friends of the BNP which later changed its name to Australian Friends of Europe (AFE). Mark Wilson ran this organisation with a German neo-nazi immigrant to Australia, Wolf Herfurth of Germany’s NDP. The AFE has addressed the meetings of the neo-nazi Australian National Action, the Australian League of Rights and branches of the One Nation party.

Mark Wilson also spoke at the BNP’s recent Red, White and Blue festival and was interviewed by the BNP’s deputy leader and rumoured MI5 agent, Simon Darby.

Here’s a hypocritical and racist policy on immigration from Mark Wilson’s Australian Protectionist Party:

5. Protect our people

Implement a zero-net immigration policy, on a “one in, one out” basis. To have sensible immigration programmes that will be geared towards accepting into our country only those people who will readily fit into our society, primarily from traditional sources such as Europe and Britain. To seek a homogeneous society where we can all live in harmony, free from the ethnic and racial strife caused by social-engineering experiments. End Third World immigration and Muslim immigration, and offer economic assistance to those who wish to be reunited with their people’s homeland.

Anonymous said...

Cyclops obviously sees a way of increasing the Gri££in coffers from his visit down under, teaching the racist Australian far right a good few tricks to extort money from their members.

Digby said...

"Nick Gri££in wants to visit Australia" - take it thats because he wants to see what goes on down under.

Not for the first time by all accounts.


Anonymous said...

Ahhh ! How nice, Cyclops wants a change of sheep.

Old Sailor

Anonymous said...

theres a lot of bloody crocodiles in Australia, ive got relatives over there and im sure some of the friends on here will have to.......just wonder if we have a whip round to raise the 50p needed to put out the contract on Griffin the crocs could be feeding well.

hee hee


Dark Poet said...

Lets all chip in 50p for his one-way airfare.

Mark your envelopes "Nick Gri££in likes to shag sheep & kangaroos if he can catch them"