December 11, 2008

BNP Councillor thrown out of Barking Town Hall

Barking and Dagenham BNP councillors - the only ones applauding their performance
One of Richard Barnbrook's fellow BNP councillors was thrown out of a Barking and Dagenham council meeting last night, after refusing to apologise for comparing sex education to paedophilia.

Councillor Lawrence Rustem (second right) was asked to say sorry for his previous statement that teaching sex education to children before secondary school was akin to paedophilia. But rather than withdraw his statement, Rustem instead launched into a long rant about the Labour government and immigration declaring that he would 'answer the question the way I want to answer it.'

When even calls from his own party members to 'shut up' were ignored, Rustem was escorted from the chamber. Not willing to leave it there, he turned on a Labour councillor and offered him 'outside for a dance.' The offer was understandably declined.

Other highlights from the meeting included the BNP group leader Robert Bailey calling a Labour councillor a Nazi and Richard Barnbrook boasting about his rugby skills. Other vital matters raised by the BNP concerned the supply of Halal meat in schools and the plight of the 'native minority' in the 'Labour borough of Ealing'.


As I left the pubic gallery, people around me complained about the 'squabbling' that always takes place at these meetings. And as I stepped outside a clearly distraught woman turned on the assembled BNP councillors and screamed at them for failing to talk about 'the kids'. Ignoring calls from Richard Barnbrook for her to return, she quickly walked off down the street, crying as she went.

This was my first time in Barking and Dagenham and whatever grief or worries she was feeling I cannot tell you. But from watching the paralysis caused by the BNP in the council chamber last night, I can see little chance of her concerns being met any time soon.

Tory Troll


Rez said...

Gawd they look a right shower of shite.

Sooo said...

"Not willing to leave it there, he turned on a Labour councillor and offered him 'outside for a dance.'"

Wow, I didn't realise the BNP were so friendly. Or has he just been watching too much Strictly?

Anonymous said...

Ealing is Conservative...but I guess you knew that already.

What a knob!

Anonymous said...

I take it he meant a fight? What the hell kind of people are these? And they say they're not thugs???

Anonymous said...

Plonker of the year lol, what a goof Christmas present.

Mr Fister said...

I once had a dance with Councillor Rustem.

It was so romantic. It was behind the kebab shop on Barking High Street, not long after we buried his kitty.

Seriously, though: A wet paper bag could knock this poor Elvis impersonator on his hairy arse.

Anonymous said...

Not only is Rustem a thug, but he's a pretty lousy one at that. Ask Paul Golding. I'd happily have danced with him if he'd asked me.

Anonymous said...

Bumbrook would so love to be squashed in the middle of a rugby scrum, rubbing baby oil on his fellow players!

Anonymous said...

Maybe he actually meant a dance...

Lots of gay and bisexual members within the BNP, just like Austria under Haider.

Anonymous said...

A case here for the standards board.

Threatening other councillors, bringing the council into disrepute.

There may be an argument that this creates a hero but I think this would be offset by an efficient ground campaign. And of course it will deny the idiot town hall facilities and his attendance allowance, and cost him legal costs.

Thatis unless Xmas come twice this year and he allows himself to be represented by that unqualified person Lee Barnes.

No doubt some B & D resident can make the appropriate complaint,

Old Sailor

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 4.32 yes he did mean fight, cos if you knew the councillor he asked to dance you would know he has 2 left feet.


Dicky Barnbrook(Artist) said...

I for one would never much on a kebab.

Sorry Lawrence, but you know it's true.

Anonymous said...

"BNP Councillor thrown out of Barking Town Hall"

Only the one!