December 01, 2008

BNP gets ready to open office

The controversial right-wing British National Party is gearing up to open its first branch in Sevenoaks, it claims.

The precise location of the office is being kept a closely-guarded secret, but South East regional spokesman Andy Mcbride has confirmed it will be in the town and is to be spearheaded by party activist Paul Golding. It should be up and running by the end of January, the party said.

Sevenoaks MP Michael Fallon said the BNP had no history in the town and branded the move "pointless". "Sevenoaks is not the sort of place for extremists of any kind, right or left," said Mr Fallon.

Sevenoaks District Council leader Cllr Peter Fleming said: "I think all the mainstream political parties would be concerned about a party whose basic message is one of intolerance and hate." He added: "I think the majority of residents would be horrified the BNP was opening an office because of the policies they pursue."

The news comes in the wake of last week's publication of the party list on the internet, which identified 14 members across the Sevenoaks area. Mr Mcbride claimed the figure was actually three times as high and believed it was only a matter of time before the party started to win local council seats.

"We've grown so formidable it's frightening them," he said. "It's frightening the Government and the political elite. There's demand here, actually. We wouldn't do it if there wasn't. He (Mr Golding) is a very experienced member and we're positive it's going to be a success."

Mr Mcbride branded the publication of the list a "Socialist conspiracy".

Among other places, it identified members in Sevenoaks town, New Ash Green, West Kingsdown and Biggin Hill.

John Dixon, of Lance Croft in New Ash Green, has been a BNP member for the past 25 years. Before that he was a member of the National Front. "I make no secret of it whatsoever and I couldn't give a damn," said the 78-year-old. "I'm pleased the list has leaked out, it gives the establishment something to think about. They're frightened out of their wits."

Biggin Hill resident Don MacPhee, 77, said he had been a member for the past nine years. Mr MacPhee, who lives in The Grove, said he had joined because he was worried about uncontrolled immigration, saying: "I don't believe a multicultural society works."

The list of local members also included a school employee, who insisted he was no longer a member.

This Is Kent


Anonymous said...

That'll last less time than Excalibur did.

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute - this Mr Golding who's going to set up a BNP office in Sevenoaks is the same person who beat up a man in a racist attack - the crime of the man was to be half-Turkish!

Anonymous said...

I do have to ask where the heck they keep getting the money from???


Anonymous said...

"Wait a minute - this Mr Golding who's going to set up a BNP office in Sevenoaks is the same person who beat up a man in a racist attack - the crime of the man was to be half-Turkish!"

Is it the same Paul Golding?

Anonymous said...

the half turkish man was proberly lawrence rustem

Anonymous said...

Golding the Thug - any ULR's for Press References, cos some of e old ates down in Kent might be able to use this.

Old Sailor

Anonymous said...

Rustem is just half a man.

And not the good half


Flakey said...

"an office" could mean anything and what its likely to mean is that the BNP will get a Sevenoaks PO Box number.

Big deal.