December 09, 2008

'Sworn enemies' bar BNP man from school governor job

Moves to install a BNP member on the board of governors at a primary school have been blocked by councillors.

The far-right party had suggested that councillor Anthony Simmonds join the board of governors at Park Hall Primary School, in Weston Coyney. Mr Simmonds is ward councillor for the Weston and Meir North ward. But the coalition of Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democrat parties, the largest group on Stoke-on-Trent City Council, put forward an alternative candidate in former councillor Derek Bamford.

The decision was put to a full council vote, which rejected Mr Simmonds's nomination by 37 votes to 16 and handed the post to Mr Bamford. Councillor Simmonds said his nomination had been blocked on purpose. He said: "The other councillors are trying to stop us in any way they can. Education is very important to me. Park Hall primary is in my ward and I wanted to be a governor. At the last minute the coalition parties put Bamford forward. I would have liked to have been governor because my two nephews go to that school. But because I'm a member of the BNP I get tarred with the same brush as other people."

BNP leader Alby Walker said he had expected the other councillors to block his party's nomination. He said: "We fully expected what happened. But what we didn't expect was that the main coalition parties wanted it to be a named vote. I think this was to make sure that the Conservative members were too scared to vote for us openly. Not many people want to be a school governor, because it is a thankless job. But Anthony did want the job because the school is in his ward.

"When I found out there was going to be a counter-nomination, I asked Anthony if he wanted to withdraw his, as we expected he would be blocked. He said he didn't want to do that. We have at least two other councillors serving as school governors. The other parties have now obviously decided to try to block each of our nominations by submitting their own. That's the nature of politics. I have nothing against any of them personally, but politically we are sworn enemies."

Mr Bamford, who lost his seat to the BNP in 2006, said he had not been aware anyone else wanted the governor position. He said: "It's up to the council to decide who they want as their representative on the board. I was put forward as a nomination, and I didn't realise anyone else had been as well. Since I lost my seat I have remained very interested in children's services, and the school governor position gives me an ability to maintain that interest. I have no objections from anyone of any party standing as a governor, but at the end of the day it's up to full council to decide who they want."

The Sentinel


Stenga said...

Paranoia on overdrive, Alby?

Primary school teacher said...

Anyone who is attracted to the racist BNP is NOT suitable to work in a determinedly multiracial/multicultural environment like a school.

shergar said...

Is Alby Walker related to the other Walker, the purveyor of equine erotica????????????????

greg said...

Is "Alby" short for "Albion"?

Wouldn't surprise me that braindead BNP racists would change their name by deedpole to try to appear more patriotic than they actually are!

DBG said...

The racism on Northwest Natioalists is getting worse, with plenty of bad old-fashioned race hate aimed at the Asian police boss who is sueing the metropolitan police for racism, with comments calling him a "mud", (BNP Hitlerite speak for non-Aryan subhuman.

The good news is, NorthWest Nationalists cannot muster more than a handful of visitors to their website.

One of the fake comments posted by NWN posing as their supporters is supposedly by Colin Auty, only he spells his name as Colin Aughty.

Either fash ex-BNPers have forgotten how to spell their names properly, or Northwest Nationalists is full of total and utter bullshit?

Anonymous said...

What does he mean " because I'm a member of the BNP I get tarred with the same brush as other people." If he is a member of the BNP he associates himself with them and everything they stand for - he clearly would not be suitable as a governor anyway as he is a fool and cannot express himself - like most of the BNP.

Anonymous said...

You're a cunt Ossowski. A complete and utter industrial strength cunt. Just thought I'd mention that.

Anonymous said...

What does he mean " because I'm a member of the BNP I get tarred with the same brush as other people."

I think what he means is he's probably one of a lot of members who joined the BNP to try and change it and make it a more moderate and mainstream - and therefore electable - party.

Whether naive or simply dreamers, there are such people from ordinary backgrounds who join the BNP for those reasons. However, like most of these people, and I'm one (a now very ex-member who foolishly believed the party was democratic and capable of becoming mainstream and modern) I suspect he won't be a member much longer when it finally dawns on him how corrupt, undemocratic and extreme Griffin and his inner cricle really are.

Antifascist said...

'You're a cunt Ossowski. A complete and utter industrial strength cunt. Just thought I'd mention that.'

Thank you. So nice to meet someone from the opposition who is able to debate coherently and intelligently. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

"'You're a cunt Ossowski. A complete and utter industrial strength cunt. Just thought I'd mention that.'"

Nice to know idiots whose sole argument is four letter words seem to think that BNPers are fit to be involved with childrens education.

Old Sailor

Anonymous said...

An "industrial strength" that is a strange concept.

I agree with Old Sailor would you honestly let any of this bloody lot near childrens education?


Paul said...

Ketlan, I understand why you let that offensive remark through but let's not have too many of them. They are extrememly unpleasant.

Anonymous said...

"They are extrememly unpleasant.

The remarks, or the morons who make them ?

DOH !(In Homer Simpson mode)

Sorry, both equally moronic and unpleasent !

Old Sailor