December 27, 2008

Richard Barnbrook's 'Nazi' complaint thrown out

Poor Richard Barnbrook. He's not having much luck.

No sooner did he have one of his complaints against assembly members thrown out, than another one gets thrown out as well:

Ah Diddums! Did the bad man call you a bad word?

Now when Barking and Dagenham's BNP leader called the Labour group leader a 'Nazi', I don't remember Richard getting so upset.

But then I guess it's only the truth that really hurts:

You see Richard, if you look like a Nazi, sound like a Nazi and work for a load of Nazis, then you shouldn't be surprised when people go and call you a Nazi.

Of course you could always just stop being such a Nazi and get on with your job, but until that time, people will continue to say what they see.

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Anonymous said...

Barnbrooks a fucken eejit

Dicky Barnbrook(Artist) said...

For my next trick, I will also be denying being a homosexual.

irishtony said...

is,nt Christmas feckin great!!

happy new year chappies

Anonymous said...

With the way Dicky appears to be imploding every day is Christmas.


Kate 88 Dermented said...

No matter how much shite I write on my blog site, nobody listens to me.

Dicky's Arse Dildo said...

Looks like the stupid twat Bumbrook's wasting his time, lol

Anonymous said...

I see Nick Griffin is claiming a 2:2 degree on his Fackbook page, but I think his actual degree is only third.

mickey mouse said...

Shame about the nazi comments posted on the poll comments that come with the "fugly poll". Might be best next time disabling comments when you conduct a poll because Collett and co. think they have free reign to be clever whenever they have the fuckin' piss taken out of them.

If Paedo Boy is behind the racist remarks about Muslims on the blog chat, to deflect away from his own vile (and unpunished) antics at the blackpool fleapit, and other kiddy fiddling bnp antics, he has proven that, as suspected, he has no brain.

Whereas Google is absolutely anomymous, and nobody knows the IP addresses of each and every poster, the racist BNP idiots who posted the vile lies about
Islam supposedly approving paedophilia, have allowed the poll server to list their IP addresses of the scumbags who posted these comments.

All it takes is google searches of the racist posters from the poll blog to discover where they live, what businesses they are involved in, phone numbers, house numbers, etc. Some of this info would have been published in the recent leaks, however, the details of the BNP topdogs, the very unhumourous creeps who can't stand their lowlife thieving scumbag BNP leaders, were somewhat less accurate than the details of Sadie and the rest of the rebels.

Maybe the IP addresses of the "poll comments racists" can produce far more damaging information about who the top griffinites behind the scenes are, and where they are living. Yes, some might use cybercafes, but even cybercafe users are traceable, which is intensely bad news for the conspiracy-theory believing sections of the BNP.

I believe in peaceful protest not direct action. I do not approve of AFA or the 635 Group chasing up the culprits directly, and hope instead MI5 and MI6 will find the racists first via their IP Addresses.

Happy comments posting, thick Nazis!!!

Tea Wrecks said...

IP Addresses of Griffinite Poll Posters: -

IP Logged, 90.195.184 - (alias = David in Leicester, possibly Mark "Peedo Boy" Collett himself?????)

IP Logged, 86.145.193 (alias = Too Logical Now -

IP Logged, 90.195.184 (alias = David H)

Wander which if these IP addresses is Green Arrow?

Perhaps one of the pissed-off rebels knows the true identity of poisonous bigot Green Arrow?