December 13, 2008

Jail for neo-Nazi terror offender

A neo-Nazi found with bomb-making materials at his flat and who harassed a mixed-race couple has been jailed for more than seven years

Grimsby Crown Court heard Nathan Worrell, 35, had bomb ingredients and far-right propaganda at the property. A jury found him guilty of possession of material for terrorist purposes and of racially aggravated harassment.

Terror police described Worrell, from Grimsby, as a "dangerous individual who harbours extreme anti-Semitic views".

The court was told that police found books and manuals on how make bombs and detonators using items such as weedkiller, lighter fluid and sugar. Two tubs of sodium chlorate weedkiller, three bottles of lighter fluid, and fireworks were also discovered.

The trial heard Worrell left racist stickers on the gate of the home of Susan Crofts and Mohammed Chowdhery and on a nearby lamppost. One sticker read: "Only inferior white women date outside their race. Be proud of your heritage."

Judge John Reddihough sentenced Worrell to six years for the terror offence and 15 months for the harassment, to run consecutively, giving a total of seven years and three months.

After the trial, Det Ch Supt David Buxton, of the Counter Terrorism Unit, said: "Literature found at his flat exposed his interest in creating explosives and even more concerning a number of items were recovered that could have been used to create these devices. We are thankful for his early arrest that has stopped Worrell from taking his interest further."

He added: "It is to my sadness that one family in particular have suffered at the hands of these extreme beliefs and the unforgivable actions of this man. No-one should be made to feel like an outsider in their own community because of their race or religion. I wish to thank them for their bravery during this investigation during what has been an extremely difficult time for them."



IHN said...

Strange how they don't mention that Worrell was a member of an organisation that should be proscribed - the British People's Party, which contains Kevin Watmough, grass and administrator of Redwatch, and which has been responsible for a few would-be terrorists not the least of which is Martin Gilleard, the paedophile bastard.

Anonymous said...

Or that the stickers displayed in the illustration include those of the BNP, the "we're not racist any more" party.

Anonymous said...

"Or that the stickers displayed in the illustration include those of the BNP, the "we're not racist any more" party."

Yeah right. Not racist, my arse.

Raymond said...

The far right has recently been shouting "freedom of speech! , freedom of speech!". Seems the same freedom they don't want to give to two consenting adults going about their lawful business not harming anyone.

Nom de plume said...

I'm surprised there's not a great many more comments on this item. I would have expected his conviction to have been greeted with jubilation all round.

Anonymous said...

you can proscribe us but we will just change our party name and still stand in elections you cant get rid of us people .sorry old chaps

Barbara Suzuki said...

Why jubilation?
I'm sorry to see the waste of another young man whose life has been twisted and destroyed by bitter prejudice. His actions were encouraged and enabled by the hateful racist policies of such parties as the BNP (as recently as March 9 2008 Nick Griffin was blogging disapprovingly of *"unfortunate tendencies to gratuitous miscegenation" in Torchwood); and that is why those racists must be confronted with the implications of their policies, and stopped.


Anonymous said...

look what happened in belgium when a far right party was banned they reappeared under another name and won seats in the parliament the british love an underdog so if you ban the bnp it could backfire and ultimately be a good thing for the far right

Thcwapth said...

"if you ban the bnp"

Who said anything about the BNP? Pay attention.

Anonymous said...

No need to ban the British Nonces Party.

Just a proper check on any nomination forms will do the trick.

Old Sailor

onlooker said...

Amazingly these people scream freedom of speech yet the only freedom they seem to enjoy are the rights of Kevin Watmough and his new girlfriends right to get away with grassing, lying and getting away with anything and everything.
Why has no one aksed how they are untouchable but all their dim mates get locked up.
Instead of Britain Awake it should be Nazis Wake Up youre being set up.