December 13, 2008

Has BNP rewritten its constitution?

Joan Walters, 'BNP the most open political party now', Points of view, December 4, wonders why I don't agree with "sensible BNP policies on limiting immigration and preserving our homeland for future generations of OUR people" (her capitals).

If the policies are now "sensible", do I take it that the party has re-written its constitution since the last General Election? Is it then no longer "committed to stemming and reversing the tide of non-white immigration" and to repatriating non-whites in order to restore "the overwhelmingly white make-up of the British population that existed in Britain prior to 1948"? While some in the BNP accept that the latter is probably not achievable, it still appears to be an aspiration.

Joan Walters evidently has a very different conception to mine of who "OUR" people are. In my mind, these include not only several British friends who are of Asian, African or Afro- Caribbean descent, but also the very large number of public figures of a wide range of ethnicities who most of us consider to be part of the grain of our society.

If the BNP's aspirations were fully realised, we would be saying goodbye to people like Kelly Holmes, Lenny Henry, George Alagaia, Moira Stuart, Sir Trevor McDonald etc, etc, and to a whole host of sportsmen and women, musicians and actors who enrich our lives.

It is perfectly legitimate for any party to have a policy of limiting immigration. But to discriminate on the grounds of race — on immigration or any other policy — is an insult to the millions of ethnic minority Britons who contribute greatly to our economy and culture, and to the many who have fought in our armed forces. And also to the rest of us who are proud to be part of a tolerant and diverse society.

The party has invoked the Human Rights Act in trying to limit publication of its membership list. Leigh Barnes, national legal unit co-ordinator, has even declared the Act to be his "legacy" because his relatives fought in the Second World War.

This is, of course, the same Human Rights Act described on the BNP website a couple of weeks earlier as "one of the most pernicious pieces of legislation ever passed by the mother of Parliaments" that would be "repealed during the first term of a British Nationalist Government".

Does anyone else detect a strong whiff of hypocrisy here?

Francis Kirkham
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irishtony said...

I wonder how many times over the last 6 years the BNP have rewritten their manifestos rejigged their constitution and more importantly how many members have access to the full constitution not the abbreviated, toned down euphemistic nonsense that most people see.

Jeez that was a long feckin sentence !!!

Perhaps the time has come to expose the real BNP constitution, the real BNP aspirations, the real BNP finances and finally the real BNP membership figures.

Perhaps if some of the members or supporters found out the truth then the dynamics might change.

New members rarely renew, so it could be they are discovering the truth.

Anonymous said...

"Our people" for the BNP means whites - it really is as simple as that. Th problem is not with immigration although they profess that this is the issue. The main "educator" and exponent of the immigration line, Mr Arthur Kemp himself, is nothing but an immigrant - he is not entitled to a UK passport, is not entitled to any benefits in the UK and in fact cannot vote.

He is nothing but an immigrant, but apparently because he is white and had distant relations that originally came from the UK, that makes him somehow acceptable.

If you ever wanted more proof that the BNP is about race and not about immigration or any other principle, this is it!

Green Gordon said...

If Arthur Kemp is South African, why can't he vote as a member of the commonwealth?

Green Gordon said...

p.s. I guess now's the time to finish my summary article on the BNP's consititution...

Anonymous said...

The whole idea of "our people" is about excluding the other. If you believe in the concept of "our people" you believe in discrimination. Surely as a citizen of the world, every human being is one of "our people"?