August 31, 2008

Left-Wing Hackers Break into Neo-Nazi Server

Left-wing computer hackers have reportedly broken into the secure server of one of the world’s largest neo-Nazi groups, copying more than 30,000 pieces of data.

Members of the anti-fascist left-wing group Daten-Antifa on Friday, Aug. 29, managed to break the access codes and enter the databank of Blood and Honour (B&H), a neo-Nazi organization that has been banned in Germany since 2000.

“Now some people in the far-right extremist scene are going to get very nervous, including activists from the NPD (Germany’s far-right National Democratic Party),” Guenther Hoffmann from the Center for Democratic Culture told the Frankfurter Rundschau on Saturday.

According to Daten-Antifa, 31,948 pieces of data were collected clandestinely from the B&H server, including 500 from Germany. This indicated that the international network is also used by members of the German neo-Nazi scene, which authorities had previously suspected.

Katharina Koenig from the Action Alliance against the Right in Jena told the Frankfurter Rundschau that evidence had been found that B&H concerts had taken place in Germany and that German extremists had organized far-right concerts abroad.

Koenig said that the new information would be helpful to police, although the data was gathered illegally.

Founded in the UK in the 1980s by punk rock musician Ian Stuart Donaldson, B&H uses mainly music to spread its neo-Nazi ideology across Europe.

The name Blood and Honour stems from the motto of the Hitler Youth: “Blut und Ehre.”

Deutsche Welle

In an Indymedia US post the "Data Anti-fascists" responsible for the B&H break-in have made the entire contents of the forum available to interested parties: This site is very important for the world-wide neonazi-network. Information about ten thousand users from all over the world, private messages and boards are now public and can be used for anti-facist actions.


Anonymous said...

Unfortunatley NONE of this is likely to be usable in a UK court, Why ? 'cos it was hacked and clandicevly (or However You Spell IT),

Well done for the Lads/Lasses who did it, can you please publish the data, including names, addresses. IPS etc so that we can deal with the matters and ensure that sleeping NUTZIES have a choice, run or be exposed.

Old Sailor

Anonymous said...

Griffin and Barnbrook to attend pub meeting in Essex.

Anonymous said...

According to the article

"News coming in from Orsett patriots is that a meeting is being held by angry residents in the Whitmore Arms pub on August 13 at 8.00pm."

August 13th?

Stoke BNP said...

ANTIFA dont need into BNP server as their so incompetent Searchlight got the whole membership database in early 2007 after dimwit dave hannam sent it out by mistake. The prat sent it to a defunct hotmail account which once belonged to a former official but the account had been taken over by someone acting for Searchlight. Gri$$in knew about it at the time but swept it under the carpet to stop members worrying. When AC members tried to raise this Griffin went ape and threatened to sack those who complained. Well done Griffin. Another home goal.

Green Gordon said...

Evidence being inadmissable is not the same as not being useful. Just because the police couldn't use this in court doesn't mean it wouldn't be very valuable to them with, for instance, knowing who to keep an eye on, what events where happening where (amongst other things).

Ken Kong said...

Good work by Searchlight?

Green Gordon said...

Has anyone else downloaded this? It is amazing fun... I could put it on thepiratebay if it hasn't been upped already/if anyone is interested.

Green Gordon said...

p.s. does anyone have a list of identifying features, I could use to track people down on this? St0rmfr0nt userids, know aliases/email addresses?

Decembrist flagwaver said...

"The prat sent it to a defunct hotmail account which once belonged to a former official but the account had been taken over by someone acting for Searchlight."

No, no, no that is someone making a false boast and being naughty! What really happened is that Dippy Dave Hannam sent the whole fucking membership database in an unencrytped format to Dopey Dave Shapcock the ex Burnley organiser, what Slapcock didnt know was that he had already compromised his Hotmail account by giving his details to someone in the NW region who turned out to be (as far as BNPers are concerned) a "wrong yun". Hannam should have been booted out for such a cockup but he serves Gri$$in's purpose and the one eyed thief did sod all about it. I hope every single BNP member gets to hear about this fiasco as it shows just how Gri££in couldnt care less as long as the dozy members just keep giving unquestioningly. Maybe time for Searchlight to do another mail out just to remind the gullible tossers how vulnerable their details are in the hands of complete fuckwits like Hannam and Sheepdip. May the stupid fuckers who sniff around Gri££in's arse rot in hell for their treachery.

Anonymous said...

Wish someone would hack into Stormponce, although Simon Darby has probably already passed on the data to MI5.

Anonymous said...

An extract from LJB on "Britishness":

Movies - The Wicker Man and Clockwork Orange, from James Bond to Norman Wisdom

Books - from Shakespeare to Dickens to Terry Pratchett

TV - From Dads Army to Only Fools and Horses, to Coronation Street and Doctor Who.

All the above are just some of the manifestations of Britishness.

If you have not ever experienced any of the above, and have little respect or regard for them, then you are not British.

Hmmm. I didn't realise Shakespeare wrote "books".

I guess most young people in Britain today are simply not "British" according to Lee.

Lee, you are really losing the plot. Stop doing what you are doing. There is now plenty of scientific evidence that it is really bad for you.

Get help.

James Hutchings said...

Doctor Who is an undocumented immigrant!

James Hutchings said...

Erm...when Terry Pratchett has characters that are supposed to represent people like the BNP, they're inevitably villains. Same for Doctor Who.

Anonymous Antifash said...

These files are now available to download by torrent from the piratebay.