August 15, 2010

BNP "honours" Japan criminals who murdered Brit POW'S

WARNING - distressing images in video
Driving back home to the Smoke (London) from Auld Reekie (Edinburgh) today I was incensed to listen to a news report on Radio 4 "PM" about a senior full time official of the BNP (British Nazi Party) Adam Walker, who is attending a meeting of fascists in Tokyo organised by an extreme right wing nationalist party who deny that Japan committed atrocities during the Second World War.

They are all also even going to visit "Yasukuni, a Shinto shrine in the capital that honours Japan's war dead, including 14 class-A war criminals".

I listened to this mumbling apologist for the mass murder, torture and starvation of British and Commonwealth 2nd World War prisoners (and the murder and rape of countless millions of other victims of Japanese racist aggression) as he tried to defend the indefensible. By coincidence on Thursday I visited the three military museums in Edinburgh Castle and can vividly remember the many harrowing accounts and pictures of Japanese executions and deliberate cruelty to Scottish Prisoners of War.

Putting aside mere common decency and humanity for the moment - how on earth can anyone who claim to support our armed forces and be a patriotic Brit possibly support the BNP after this latest crass exposure of its deep rooted Nazi cultism?

Hat-tip to Paul for YouTube video.

John's Labour blog

Thanks to Old Sailor for the heads-up.


Anonymous said...

Like yourself anti I cannot believe that any englishman would take the side of the Japanese.

My very best friend right from the 1st day at infants school right up to know, her father was a prisoner of war held by the Japanese, he never ever recovered from it, he was always unwell and a walking skeleton.

His marriage broke down, unusual for the 50s but understandable in the circumstances.

The proud survivors of those dreadful camps deserve better from any englishman.

I know that the BNP thrives on any publicity is good publicity, but, the veterans of the Burma Star Association are very unforgiving.


Anonymous said...

relevant section starts at 23.45

Anonymous said...

What a thing for the BNP to do today of all days.
Patriots my arse.

Ben Trunch said...

I read on the BBC that freeloader Nick Griffin barged his way into a commemorative service in Liverpool. Claims he was "invited" - by whom? Certainly not the Royal British Legion or the Liverpool churches.

All the while one of his minions is paying homage at a shrine to Japanese Class A war criminals on VJ Day.

I wonder what his excuse will be this time? Last time when the Palace cancelled his invitation to HM's garden party, he claimed it was something to do with the Home Office?

Can this man sink any lower in people's estimation of him?

There really is nothing British (or National) about those Bloody Nasty People!

Anonymous said...

I hope this is enough to convince Help For Heroes and the Royal British Legion why they should not accept the BNP's money.

Anonymous said...

Yet another grotesque own goal from the BNP. They say they are the party of the armed forces but send Walker to a shrine the commemorates people involved in the torture, starvation & murder of tens of thousands of Britiah & Commonwealth servicemen. Unbelievable!!!

Incidentally, Lee Barnes (erstwhile Legal Beagle of the BNP) has mant times mentioned 2 (I think) uncles who were POW's in the Far Eastern theatre. I wonder what he makes of this bit of Griffinite 'diplomacy'?

The Alf Garnett wing of the BNP aren't going to understand this at all.


Ben Trunch said...

Just seen that grinning idiot Giffin on the BNPtv site making great play by his invitation to this commemoration service in Liverpool. Not sure who actually invited the BNP?

I saw some of Giffin's goons skulking around in the background.

Was this a BNP event or did the BNP self-invite?

What a disgrace to our ex-servicemen and women that this man should try to cover the attendance of Walker in Japan. Walker is visiting a shrine that includes honouring war criminals. Just sickening this man and his sham party.

The sooner the sham BNP folds the better. What a disgrace to Britain.

NewsHound said...

BNP IN £500,000 CASH CRISIS: -

NewsHound said...


bus driver said...

The EDL hire a disreputable bus and coach company (who also run local authority tendered bus services) called Johnson's Coaches.

The trade union TWGU should put pressure on its members to take wildcat strike action when asked to transport the EDL's neo nazis around the country.

Anonymous said...

I hope this is enough to convince Help For Heroes and the Royal British Legion why they should not accept the BNP's money....

no chance that all goes in griffins and dowsons own charity box.

Former Notts BNP member said...

As a former BNP member I am totally disgusted that Griffin should think it sensible to send a representative to this Shrine for the Japanese war dead. It is shameful. My uncle helped build that infernal railway and died as a young man when he came back to the UK. Griffin=scum and this is a man I once hero-worshipped.

Disgusted Brit said...

When talking about Adam Walker in Japan, the evil genocide-loving unpatriotic scumbags of VNN include comments about using atomic bombs on all non-white people: -

Andy on VNN writes: "My only reservation about the use of the atomic bomb on aliens is that it has not been used enough"

(Does anybody know who Andy is, by the way, Ketlan?)

It's good neo-Nazi sites like VNN exist so the decent citizens of Britain can see what they are up against.

Anonymous said...

Lee Barnes takes a broadside at Nick Griffin's BNP

iliacus said...

Re the service in Liverpool

All MEPs from the region were invited; NG was the only one who attended.

Not criticising the others. I'm sure they get loads of invitations to events, and can only fit in what they can.

Anonymous said...

Is it true what Dowson did in Blackpool???

Anonymous said...

I hope the BNP attempt to hold their Annual conference in Blackpool this year, as I am sure the survivors of 'The Blackpool Regiment' and their descendents will give them the welcome the BNP so richly deserves.

Barbara said...

My dear gentle husband of almost thirty years is a Japanese, and reminds that not all Japanese people were involved in the cruel excesses of the Imperial Army, of course.

The Japanese aggression in the region demonstrates what happens when one commumnity believes itself to be different and superior to others.

In Japan there was a cynical exploitation of the ordinary Japanese by racist militants surrounding the Emperor who believed in the innate superiority of the Japanese, and who sought to dominate SEAsia and control the natural resources Japan lacked, under Japanese rule.

The end result of racism and supremacist movements is always disastrous.

That's why the fight to quell dangerous racist extremism must always continue.