August 01, 2010

New: The G.A Pin Badge

As promised, G.A has produced some limited edition pin badges to present to those who have in their own way supported his site and what it promotes and believes in. These badges will be awarded retrospectively and in the future. There will only ever be 10 made (Enough for all of G.A's friends and allowing for several spares).

G.A alone will decide who the Award Winners will be.

The Chosen Few will always be proud to wear these badges, and they will be recognised, lauded and celebrated in song and verse wherever they go. So long as they only ever go to G.A's house.

Sadly, they are not for sale. (Not due to exclusivity, but rather the fact that the incredibly poor manufacturing quality of the Wellard Enamel Badge Company (Insolvent) Ltd ensures that their jagged, unfinished edges and vicious, rusting pin would fail to receive a health and safety certificate in Kabul, let alone Nantyglo.)


Anonymous said...

Nice pisstake!

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Barbara said...

Paul Morris aka Green Arrow has a querulous quavery old man's voice saying querulous quavery old man nonsense: