August 11, 2010

A Few Lines on the Tragic Last Days of the British National Party

William Topaz McGonagall was a singularly poor 19th Century poet.

I like to think that contemporary aficionados of grimly amateurish and wrong-headed verse have found our champion in Lee Barnes LLB (Hons).

A Few Lines on the Tragic Last Days of the British National Party

by Lee Topaz McBarnsigall

T'was in the benighted year of 2010,
that the BNP did fall apart (again),
and the pair of villains who oversaw its demise,
were Dowson (James) and Nick with one-eye.

For they did steadily drain the party of money,
while claiming that all was milk and was honey,
and they took on court cases right, centre and left,
'til funds were depleted and members bereft.

And then there arose a man name of Butler,
to challenge the power of this pair of hustlers,
but all who then backed him were purged from the party,
'til few members left. Things were not hale and hearty.

And in the last days, as bankruptcy loomed,
No-one could deny that the Party was doomed.
So Nick sent final emails of great passion and weight
to his last few members. They all ended “Donate”.


Barbara said...

My heart almost goes out to the hopelessly bamboozled and pitlessly exploited ordinary members of the BNP.
Not quite.
The mercilessly abused ordinary member of the BNP voluntarily joined a party with hatred of some British citizens as a core principle, which should have been a warning clue to the unwary.
The BNP is rotton to the core, and its humiliating decline has been long predicted.
BNP sheeple, we tried to warn you!

Landale said...

I must take exception to your slander of William Topaz McGonagall - he is one of Dundee's finest poets!

For example:

See the coo on yonder hill,
It's noo there noo,
It must a shifted.

I look forward to your retraction and apology!

Well done, Andy!

Anonymous said...

Eddy Butler has made serious allegations that the printers employed by the BNP haven't been paid for printing their general elections leaflets in breach of electoral laws, and obvious lying on election expenses forms returned to Town Halls up and down the country, will the police and the Electoral Commission investigate I wonder?

Anonymous said...

Sorry Barbara I cannot bring myself to donate any organ to that little lot.