August 13, 2010

Little Dicky goes indie

Richard Barnbrook has today announced that he has resigned the BNP's whip on the Greater London Assembly and is now and independent GLA member.
On a posting on his blog he states :-

"Over the last few months allegations of serious wrong doing concerning senior British National Party officials have been spread both within and outside the British National Party.

I do not know the truth or otherwise of these allegations.

These allegations have the potential to cause major political damage to the parties future electoral prospects unless they are investigated and revealed to be false.

The serious nature of these allegations are such that they must be the subject of an internal independent and transparent BNP investigation to ascertain the truth or otherwise of the allegations.

I have decided therefore that until these allegations are investigated fully by an independent panel of British National Party officers and members and are revealed as either true or false, that I cannot continue to represent the BNP in the Greater London Assembly."

After his fantastic showing in the leadership election where he picked up 23 votes out of the 4200 members eligible to vote this action isn't going to go down well with Griffin & Dowson enterprises and will lead to further chaos at the top of the BNP. With further news that more organisers have been sacked tomorrows Advisory Council meeting could be a lively affair.


Anonymous said...

"Richard Barnbrook has today announced that he has resigned the BNP's whip on the Greater London Assembly and is now and independent GLA member."

Could it be that he saw which way the wind was blowing and that the BNP were going to kick him out anyway? He'll probably resign or get kicked out of the party completely soon.

The BNP are in a state of collapse. I know we all enjoyed taking the piss out of Dicky but he was an effective campaigner for a time who had genuine support in his local ward (although not quite as much as he liked to boast about). Griffin and Dowson have alienated a layer of experienced people and they are running the BNP into the ground. Good!

Anonymous said...

Well,wrll, what a turn-up. Dicky seems to have got his bottle back (as usual). Not looking good for Lord Sir Nickolardarse is it???

Anonymous said...

The Advisory Council members who have been kicked off are Richard Edmonds and Ken Booth.

Anonymous said...

Confirmed. The Porn King is now an Independent.

John P said...

Anonymous said...

The Advisory Council members who have been kicked off are Richard Edmonds and Ken Booth.

5:41 PM, August 13, 2010

Thanks for the info. There's so much going off at once it's difficult to keep up.

Anonymous said...

" tomorrows Advisory Council meeting could be a lively affair."

I think you mean it will be a family affair.

Anonymous said...

Is this the phase 2 hinted at by Butler and his friends.

Only problem is that in B & D especially in the ward he represented this step could make Dicky an even bigger electoral danger if he were to stand as an Indy candidate


A sacked AC member said...

" tomorrows Advisory Council meeting could be a lively affair."

Far from it, as one who has sat through tedious meetings in the past I can tell you now it will just be the usual sanitised B/S from Griffin with a pile of crap general figures from dumpy dozey Dave and no doubt on this occasion Dowson (who isnt an AC member, isnt even a BNP member) will be invited to give a talk about how well things are going. There is no one on the current AC with any backbone to ask the relevant questions. The two possible "awkward questioners" Edmonds and Booth have just been sacked from the AC leaving Griffin, his missus, Hannam, the uber-Nazi Kemp, errand boy Golding, Wingfield who is paid handsomely by Griffin and Brons (so cant afford to rock the boat the mercernary piece of cr4p)compliant ROs and Clive (Mensa) Jefferson. You people are lucky, you have never had the misfortune to have to endure 5 mins of his small talk. The man is a one of the best presents that Griffin could have given to opponents of the BNP; volumes could be written about the man's incompetence, total disinterest in political ideology and his inability to recognise that bullying people and making vile threats is not the way to get the best out of people.

What a bunch of self-serving scumbags and to think I once had them as colleagues (in the loosest term).

Just one thought. You UAF lads and lassies should be sticking up for Griffin - he has a bloody good job of destroying the BNP. How much did he charge for his services? But real nationalists will bounce back and be stronger and wiser without the political and financial millstones of Greedy Gri££in and James Costa Dowson.

Anonymous said...

Bloody Brilliant News!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

The BNP have obviously failed to heed the advice in a post a few days ago to "slow things down" - I follow the forums and the collapse is almost happening in real time. God knows what will go next. However, i believe that the time for the BNP to pay the unfair dismissal settlement to Michaela Mackenzie has now expired and she ahs threatened to open proceedings which could shove the party into bankruptcy. On another note, there's an interesting post on lee john barnes blog which sort of picks up where the shelley rose accusations left off against jim Dowson. My, racists do have SUCH fun lives...... It also seems that my local BNP babe is an "outgoing" woman - i wonder if she's single....?

Anonymous said...

Who's left running the BNP?
Getting a bit lost with all this resignings and realignings.

Deputy leader stepped down, GLA member removes his own whip (bet his down that before).

Does Griffin really want to lead this shambles?

WHY !!!

Anonymous said...

Think this may be another put up job. Dickie doing it for Nickie again. Just like he did when he obliged Nick and stood as a leadership hopeful.

There'll be an internal investigation (and I dont mean someone poking dickies black hole) but it will be a fix and will exonerate the Gr££in.

BNP : Game Over

Anonymous said...

"Does Griffin really want to lead this shambles? "

He obviously does. Let's face it, Griffin is the sole recognisable face of the BNP to the British public. Most people couldn't name another (maybe Barnbrook at a push). He has "brand recognition". He knows that if they were to ditch him it would take any new leader at least 5 years to build that back up again. Griffin is the BNP - It puts him in a very strong position that he is exploiting fully.

unplugged from the matrix said...

I find it hard to keep up with these idiots. Ive never sent so much time on the internet watching all this unfold.
The 80s had Dallas
The 90s had east-enders
The late 00s has BNP. This is by far the best soap opera of the lot.The only trouble is that the other soaps were believable.
Lee Barnes [love him or hate him] is getting as good as Andy minion at ripping the piss out of these arseholes

Anonymous said...

It's funny how many RefuseNicks are now supporting other fascist groups.

Former BNP candidate from Wyke man Neil Craig, who fell out with Paul Cromie, and joined Lewthwaite's "Democratic Nationalists" has written several letters to the Telegraph and Argus newspaper, in blatant support of the EDL, whilst pretending he is just an ordinary member of the public, openly calling for Bradford people to support the EDL.

Neil's Democratic Nationalists recently signed a deal with the National Front, the purpetrators of the 2001 Bradford Riot.

Neil is a regular at the NorthWest Nationalists neo-Nazi forum.

It is important that we as anti-fascists do not let the "Decembrist Rebels" of the hook. They are just as much fascists as the Nick Griffin cabal.

Anonymous said...

What will Dicky Bumbrook do with his billboard posters he has had printed for re-use, now he is not BNP anymore?

Anonymous said...

And now Graham Partner (Leicestershire) has done the same. Would the last member turn out the lights when they leave please.

Stewart E said...

Maybe there's something inherent in right wing extremeism that makes this kind of implosion inevitable. Here's a theory - firstly, rightwing nationalism is based on a "them and us" world view - and part of that is that "us" is better than "them". it also tends to go for lowest common denominater explanations where simple ideas, which blame "them" are employed. Put the two together and add in a good dose of "reds under (in!) the bed" style paranoia and the fact that many of these people aren't the sharpest tools in the box and it doesn't take much for someone to go from "us" to "them" in the blink of an eye. one minute you're der leader's chosen croney, next you're a uaf / spy/ wrecker / traitor / whatever who's only goal is to do the party down. this process seems to just roll on and onn, so much so that there's almost no-one left... which is where the bnp seem to be now. i know it's passe, but the "downfall" bunker scene parody is the perfect illustration of this!

Anonymous said...

Summer part 2?


Anonymous said...

Just curious about the fate of Charlotte Lewis. Did she jump, or was she pushed?

Anonymous said...

There is an Advisory Council meeting tomorrow (Saturday 14th August).

Supposedly the AC is to be shown the financial ‘books’ – and Jim Dowson’s alleged contract.
To protect his corrupt regime Nick Griffin today sacked two independently minded people from the Advisory Council – Richard Edmunds and Ken Booth (North East Regional Organiser).
It had previously been agreed that Steve McCole could also attend as the Eastern Regional Organiser is on holiday. This invitation has been withdrawn.

Ironically Ken Booth was the driving force behind the calling of this AC meeting. It was his idea that the AC members should be allowed to see the books. This is his punishment for such an impertinent request.
Nick Griffin assured Andrew Brons on Wednesday that he would welcome critics being able to see the books and study the accounts to give a clean bill of health. It is clear that Griffin had no such intention as the dismissal letters to Ken Booth and Richard Edmunds were dated Wednesday.

The mask is slipping for all to see. Griffin is desperate to cling on for as long as possible. He also fears that the AC may have voted by a two thirds majority to impeach him. He is a frightened man.

More revelations about severe financial wrongdoings are about to be made public.

Nick Griffin’s period as leader of the British National Party is about to come to a messy end.
While this difficult situation is being resolved, all members are urged to remain in the party – and officers are urged if they can to remain in post.

We are all going to have to pick up the pieces – so remain steadfast.

The good news is that once we have cleaned up our party we will be able to move forward rapidly. Nick Griffin has been holding us back to a frightening extent these past few years.

Be hopeful – we will have a great and successful future.

Im getting good at this, according to this piece from Butlers blog there is more financial problems to come out.

Reading between the lines I think Butler views the vote as the begining of a long and public death for Griffin

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iliacus said...

Nothing to do with Dicky, but just to let you know that the BNP fought yesterday's sole byelection.

It was in Medway, Kent and resulted in a Tory gain from Labour.

Full result:
Conservative 617 44.6%
Labour 544 39.4%
Lib Dem 104 7.5%
Green 45 3.3%
BNP 39 2.8%
English Dem 33 2.4%

Turnout was 25.4%, so around 0.8% of the electorate voted BNP.

No doubt the BNP will be celebrating their feat in thrashing the English Democrats!

iliacus said...

Both Dicky and the guy in Leicestershire who is on both Leicestershire CC and NW Leics District Council have announced that they are staying members of the BNP, but not sitting as BNP councillors.

Typical BNP nonsense!

Anonymous said...

Yet another Fascist councillor goes independent today.

Anonymous said...

Well Richard likes the bottle and at least he now shows some!!!

Anonymous said...

I never thought we took on so many nutters!!!
Nut Cracker.

James said...

It's funny how everyone on the far right now refers to Richard Barnbrook as Dicky - a habit that began here at Lancaster Unity, I believe. :)