November 09, 2010

BNP "delighted" with North East job losses

Italian migrant and BNP spokesman Giuseppe de Santis has said that fellow members of the racist party will be "delighted" to know that eight jobs are under threat at the Northern Echo newspaper, owned by Newsquest.

The jobs under threat include those of two sub editors, a reporter, an assistant editor, a production editor, a website assistant, a librarian and a graphic designer. The National Union of Journalists is opposing the proposed job losses.

Writing on the BNP's London Patriot website, De Santis ranted "these journalists don’t deserve any pity or support" and said "they back perverts like Pete Tatchell who want to have sex with 12-year-old boys".

De Santis also said that BNP members "are entitled to jump with joy whenever any of those unwashed marxists get fired" and that "Maybe the problem is that the number of journalists sacked is not high enough".

Weirdly, the Italian De Santis' joy at British workers losing their jobs is to be found next to a slew of articles posted on the London "Patriot" website by Carlos Cortiglia, a Uruguayan migrant who in 1982 volunteered to go to "las Islas Malvinas" to fight British troops and ensure that British Falkland Islanders remained under the heel of the Galtieri junta's jackboot.

Unsurprisingly, De Santis' article was reposted to the BNP North East "Patriot" blog run by the Walker brothers, presumably because the Northern Echo job losses warmed the cockles of their hearts. The Walker brothers of course are both heavily involved in the fake "Solidarity" micro-union (which, like the BNP, has yet to submit its 2009 returns, due in June). Representing the BNP on a recent trip to Japan, Solidarity president Adam Walker was widely quoted as saying "these people were doing what they thought was right at the time" in reference to his visit to a cemetary that included the graves of Japanese war criminals.

As has frequently been remarked, there doesn't seem to be too much too British about the BNP.

While the BNP's Uruguayans, Italians and fake trade unionists celebrate the loss of eight British workers' jobs, Lancaster Unity sends fraternal greetings to the real trade unionists of all races currently fighting for their livelihoods at Newsquest.


Anonymous said...

that sound good

Anonymous said...

Newsquest took BNP advertising during the Euro-elections last year.

Anonymous said...

Isn't the NE Patriot Ken Booth's baby. He has fallen out with the Walker brothers for their 'Gri££inite' attitudes

the brady bunch said...

Gri££in is so full of shit, he is like a fart at a poetry competition.
Did anyone else read his pathetic twitter diatribe pretending to be the tough guy? I mean some on, what an utter dick!

I’m here to stay blah blah blah……well that’s exactly what we are all hoping for you incompetent fool.

Anonymous said...

Ken Booth will fall out even more with the brothers by pushing an 'anti-worker' line....

Anonymous said...

Old Carolos is a really stramge chap, seen yesterday in Dagenham in the freezing cold and rain walking along head down in just a shirt and trousers. Really odd.


Anonymous said...

"Italian migrant and BNP spokesman Giuseppe de Santis"

Seriously, you couldn't make that up could you?

Jenny Walks-Riise said...

Great, real champions of the underdog eh?