November 19, 2010

BNP’s campaign falls flat in Croxteth

The British National Party has failed to secure a seat in the council by-election in Croxteth. Despite determined campaigning, the people of the ward overwhelmingly rejected the fascist party and its violent convict candidate, Peter Tierney.

Tierney, 52, owns the Quiggins Attique antiques shop on Aigburth Road and holds a conviction for actual bodily harm. In April 2009, he assaulted a man with a camera tripod for handing out anti-fascist leaflets in Liverpool City Centre. Tierney’s personal election leaflet claimed that he was against bullying.

As part of his campaign, the BNP turned out in the ward numerous times to deliver leaflets door-to-door.They also held a rally in the area on polling day, whilst DVDs filled with racist propaganda were dropped through letter boxes under the title of “Liverpool Anti-Traitors.” The DVDs contain a version of the CCTV footage from Peter Tierney’s court case, which the party have time-lapsed to try and make it appear as though he was innocent. They also contain a You Tube BNP video from the general election, footage of a Welsh branch of the BNP being “horrified” by the “terrifying” presence of ethnic minorities in Wembley, and several videos espousing racial separatism which were created and promoted by white supremacist groups.

At the polls, the BNP’s share of the vote dropped to 2.58% from the 3.11% they gained when complete unknown George Muse stood for the party in Croxteth in 2008.

The full breakdown of results is as follows:

Lab: 1447
Lab: 1424
LD: 611
LD: 479
SLP: 135
BNP: 117 (2.58%)
SLP: 70
Green: 63
UKIP: 50
English Democrats: 35
English Democrats: 33
Con: 31
Con: 29
UKIP: 19

A spokesperson for Liverpool Antifascists said: “This result fits with a typical pattern for the BNP. Despite being far more active in campaigning than any other party, they have been roundly rejected, and their share of the vote has decreased with a higher turnout. After a series of succesful election campaigns by Liverpool Antifascists, and being run out of the City Centre twice in a row, people are alert to the fact that they are not an alternative to mainstream politics but its worst extreme. And at a time when the working class are under concerted attack from those in power, less and less people are convinced by the dead-end road of race politics.”

Martin Cummins and Stephanie Till of Labour were elected to represent Croxteth ward. Till, as the lowest polling of the two victors, will have to defend her seat at the local elections in May.

Liverpool Antifascists


Anonymous said...

Oh dear, all that hard work and money on dvds/leaflets full of lies and nothing to show for it. Bye bye BNP.

Anonymous said...

Two and a half percent? And there was me believing the BNP hype that wanker Tierney was so popular.

Rah said...

Anonymous said...
Two and a half percent? And there was me believing the BNP hype that wanker Tierney was so popular.

You obviously not from Liverpool...

Haha Tierney, looks like you just got the family and friends sympathy vote.

JJ said...

2.5%?!? LOL

Anonymous said...

When there are two seats up for election, the support for any party standing a single candidate must be compared to the turnout not the total votes cast in-order to fairly judge that party's support. This does of course not indicate an exclusive support, as many voters who vote for that party will quite naturally use both votes.

So until the turnout is known, no exact indication of support can be calculated. However if we estimate the turnout as being approximately 2280, then the BNP appears to have had the support of about 5% of voters. Still not very impressive, is it?

Anonymous said...

Good result.

Seems the BNP engaged in an even more extreme and racist campaign than normal, even by their low standards. I can't see that BNP DVD entitled 'traitors' being of interest to ordinary voters.

Maybe the BNP has given up on the pretence of being "moderate" nationalists and this is what we can expect from now on?

Fascist parties in decline usually drop the mask.

Anonymous said...

That's because it's full of immigrants.

jack the hat said...

Oh my God! And this was after a full campaign?
The embarrassment must be agonising.
Rock and bury spring to mind.

Antifascist said...

'That's because it's full of immigrants.'

Amazing, because Tony 'Bomber' Lecomber, a man of much experience on the far-right (though mainly of blowing his own arse off), says, 'Liverpool is a mainly white city so banging on about immigration probably won't cut it'.

Make your minds up. You can't have it both ways.

Phil Dickens said...

"if we estimate the turnout as being approximately 2280, then the BNP appears to have had the support of about 5% of voters."

It was actually a turnout of 4493, and they got 2.58%. Which is even worse. You might bump it up to 4% with the two English Democrat candidates (both ex-BNP), which is still an overall decline in the fascist vote.

Anonymous said...

That's because it's full of immigrants.

Is that you Tierney ?

If so, welcome to LancasterUAF.

Shit result, eh ?! :-)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Liverpool Antifascists for all your hard work recently.

Anonymous said...

"Make your minds up. You can't have it both ways."

Of course they can,facts mean nothing to BNP supporters.

Anonymous said...

Yes, but if there were two councillors up for election then this is really two elections. On that basis, the BNP vote would be about 5%. Not good given the amount of effort they put in.

Anonymous said...

Phil Dickens said:
"It was actually a turnout of 4493..."

A total of 4543 votes were cast, as each voter had two votes are you really suggesting that only 50 people used both votes? My experience is that the vast majority of people voting, in an election where more than one seat is being contested, use both votes. The turnout therefore would have been around the 2280 mark.

Giving a support (but not an not exclusive support of course) of about 5%.

UK Fightback said...

Most interesting thing about the BNP Wembley video is that shortly after it 1st appeared on You Tube, another version appeared, identical to the 1st except it had an EDL shield rendered into the top left of the video at full video quality... In other words whoever made this video was also producing videos for the EDL. Realising their mistake, the makers pulled it from You Tube within a few hours, before I'd had a chance to make the most of this, but what this episode suggests (if that wasn't flippin' obvious already) is there is deep collusion between the EDL and BNP (tho' not necessary sanctioned by Cyclops himself)

Congratulations to Liverpool Anti-Fascists!

Anonymous said...

The point though is that that the BNP had the bodies to produce and distribute a lot of nasty, vile propaganda, that sours the political debate and keeps their brand of politics in the public eye.