November 27, 2010

Oppose the racist EDL in Preston

On Saturday 27 November the racist English Defence League (EDL) intend to hold a “protest” in the centre of Preston.

Where the EDL march and assemble unopposed they have launched attacks on minority and Muslim communities. In Dudley, Nuneaton and Stoke their presence led to vicious assaults on people because of the colour of their skin. We cannot let this happen in Preston.

Preston Unite Against Fascism & Preston Trades Council are calling on all anti-racists and all anti-fascists to join us in the centre of Preston to celebrate our multi-cultural city, to assert our commitment to anti-racism and to let the EDL know they are not welcome here.

Join the Protest: No to the EDL,
No to Racism, No to Fascism and No to Islamophobia

Saturday 27 November, 12 noon
Preston Fish Market (covered market, Birley St)

To book a seat from the Barrow/South Cumbria area, please tel or text 07814 563557, or e-mail To book from the Lancaster area, call 07722 954768 (Lancaster coach costs £6 or £4 concessions).

Note: We would advise anyone travelling to Preston on the 27th to avoid the train if possible. If you're planning to travel by car, we would recommend that you arrange to meet others on your arrival in Preston. Safety in numbers and all that.


worried said...

Good luck.

If the Preston police allow ultra-violent hardcore fash Millwall fans to attend the EDL march there will be absolute danger.

Hope they read this blog and get their arses in gear and keep their eyes on the Millwall fan buses arriving at the ground for tooled-up known Millwall hooligans who are banned from attending the match but are travelling regardless.

Then there's BNP Burnley fans coming on service buses to Preston.

If the police don't keep an eye on these troublemakers and instead focus on harassing anti-racists like they did in Bolton, the fash scum will do as they bloody well please.

Anonymous said...

Its the Millwall Bolton and Clarets thugs who will cause all the problems when they team up around midday.

Anonymous said...

In January 2009, 500 Millwall fans identified as "high risk" gained access to an FA Cup tie against Hull City, at their ground the KC Stadium, resulting in seats, coins and plastic bottles being thrown at the Hull supporters.

A. Pedestrian said...

EDL and BNP nazi thugs seem to have a love of Vauxhall Corsas: -

(read this thread!):

As I am not a close confidente of Jeremy Clarkson, can anybody please tell me why the Corsa is the fan of the British far right?

I don't really understand.

Anonymous said...

Almost every member of the Corsa club is a racist, according to the posts on the Official Corsa Club forum.

Says a lot for the clientelle who buy that particular type of car.

Rude Alf said...

The more i read about the vile edl the more the whole situation stinks. Is being mr yaxley lennon really being arrested or just being brought into the police station for his latest briefing. How many hooligans and far right thugs he must have grassed on by now is anyones guess. Many people have recieved asbos for alot less than he has, had he have been an animal rights supporter he would have been banned from attending marchs long ago.

Flikr Viewr said...

Hi there Ketlan, here's an excellent picture of the cops in London allowing the EDL to physically assult a cameraman which is worth using to show people that the EDL are true fascists by intimidating the press: -

former member said...

Snowy knew what dirty Griffinite tricks YL was up to, which is why he was shat upon by YL.

Jeff Marsh Is A Liar said...

Every time someone dares to call Yaxley Lennon a grass, the Casuals United Blog is quick to try and debunk the rumours as if skitzo knife thug Jeff Marsh (who stabbed Man United fans for fun) has he has a lot to fear himself.

When the EDL nazis went on their Hitrlerite anti-Muslim pogrom in Stoke, the police officers called out Marsh's name from afar - warning him not to get too involved.

The term "takes one to know one" is normally used in homophobic circles, but it also applies to special branch grasses.

If the truth was outed that not just Yaxley Lennon is a grass (which he 100% is!!!), but Jeff Marsh was also an informant (of not just EDL people but London gangsters), lots of dangerous shawody people would take exception and he would have to go into hiding.

Expect Jeff Marsh to keep laughing off the rumours.

Anonymous said...

Jeff Marsh gets in a frenzy whenever EDL grasses are discussed.

What are you up to, Jeff?

YL IS A Grass said...

"had he have been an animal rights supporter he would have been banned from attending marchs long ago"

Too true!

Anonymous said...

Knowing the Keystone cops in the North West, they will turn a blind eye to known Millwall hooligans travelling undercover with proper fans in the club coaches, and allow them to disappear into the ether when they arrive in Preston.

There are racist bad-egg coppers in the Lancs force.

NewsHound said...


Lesley said...

A particularly racist football forum is called the House of Fun (House Of Scum, more like..)

Threads openly talk of beating up Muslim people on this UK-hosted website and yet the police haven't asked for it to be closed down.

Isn't it illegal to publish racism on UK-hosted sites?

Informa said...

I have found the secret EDL Update Preston facebook, where they will be publishing their secret plans to meet northwestern crews

Their secret change of plans desigend to avade the police will be up there later today or tomorrow.

Error said...

Searchlight mentions the so-called "Chinese Defence League", but this organisation is nothing to do with the EDL.

The Chinese Defence League was set up in 1938 and is against Western Imperialism not Islam.

blowfish said...

Yet more extreme racism on the Millwall Forum where those vile Millwall neo-Nazi thugs who will come to Preston (and will be ignored by the cops) where they talk about black people siding with Muslims, sickeningly calling black people "coons".

Anonymous said...

When I think of the Extremely Dense League and their special brand of "patriotism", I always find myself thinking of Albert Einstein when he said "Nationalism is an infantile disease. It is the measles of mankind."

However, I'm sure the Extremely Densers would prefer a quote from everyone's favourite Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi, (more commonly known as Colonel Gadafi), who once said "Nations whose nationalism is destroyed are subject to ruin."

Obviously your average racist football hooligan is completely unable to comprehend that they have more in common with a fascist dictator, (and a "muzzie" at that), than with one of the greatest minds of the 20th century.

Although, saying that, anyone with half a brain would realise that the EDL's "protests" against "islamic extremism" are akin to handing out hamburgers, (made from 100% beef), in order to promote vegetarianism!

Solidarity from Amsterdam to all who'll be opposing the scum this weekend.

edlpissup said...

The Grey Friar - J D Wetherspoons, Preston;

(click on the link for pictures of the venue)

EDL beware, there are hidden cameras behind the mirrors taking pictures of coke snorters!

Anonymous said...

The Preston variety of the Keystone Cops have confirmed to the EDL that they will allow the violent racist thugs to get stupidly drunk in two pubs before, during and after the demo.

Anonymous said...

The EDL have openly been manipulating the media: -

(this was on the DL Preston Facebook on Monday!)

Scared shopkeepers to shut doors during city demonstrations - News -
City centre traders are planning to shut up shop and taxi drivers will stay off the roads when more than 1,000 protesters flood into the city on Saturday.
Monday at 08:03 · Like · Comment

Anonymous said...

The EDL chose this date only cos Millwall are the visitors to Preston.

Sadly it's no coincidence.

Anonymous said...

Neo-Nazu football hijacking scum.

Anonymous said...

The use of the word "c**n" on the Millwall forum goes to show that the EDL hate black people as much as Muslim Asians.

Anonymous said...

I shouldn't he sorry for this quasi-fascist bastards, but they are frittering their pathetic little lives away by spending all day typing race hate on internet forums, getting pissed every other day meaning their livers will collapse when they are thirty, and one day, even the likes of grass YL will end up in prison.

All so multi-millionaire can play his "patriot games".

He is using the EDL thugs to wage war on decent civilisation for a sick power trip.

Doctor Toad said...

The best anti-nazi song which rings true, is:

"they're scum, and they know they are..."

They might be "thick as (supporter) Richard Desmond's pornstar's pricks", but most surely the EDL's wasters know that they are 100% scum of the earth, goddamn it!

Anonymous said...

Something needs to be done like arresting members of soccer forums who post blatant hate online (Millwall fans the worst culprit).

Anonymous said...

The EDL are meeting in two pubs.

Which other one as well as the Grey Friar?

Anybody know?

blowfish said...

Should be lots of anarchists from lancaster attending even if there is ten feet of snow to protect the local public.

Fascist scum beware......

jerry said...

They might be "thick as (supporter) Richard Desmond's pornstar's pricks", but most surely the EDL's wasters know that they are 100% scum of the earth, goddamn it!


Anonymous said...

The police could serve warrants for the IP addresses of the EDL racists who use the Millwall Vitel Footy site.

Professor Pissnaggle said...

It is extremely worrying that teh authorities are doing their damndest to forment trouble in Preston by allowing three tinderbox events to happen: -

(1) Allow the EDL to march at the same time as gangs of Millwall hooligans will be in Preston.

(2) Allowing the EDL to march rather than just have a static protest.

(3) Actively encourage the EDL to get drunk and disorderly by telling them to meet in two large city centre pubs.

Getting drunk in public USED TO BE A CRIMINAL OFFENCE. Likewise, football hooliganism USED TO BE A CRIME.

Not anymore, it seems.

Most Lancashire policemen and women are not racist, and do not approve of vicious football hooligans like the EDL, but the powers that be, including the government's peculiar anti-terror chief are putting officers in the frontline by actively putting these three bulletpointed ingrediants together.

If there was a death resulting from the skirmishes conjured by a flamable mix of football, alcohol and fascist marching, I hope the police chiefs are charged with manslaughter for allowing absolutely avoidable circumstances to happen.

If they're gonna allow well known violent neo-Nazi thugs and racist hooligans to get bladdered, why not go the full hog and provide them with free coke from police evidence stocks, and issue them with lethal weapons?

Conspiracists who see the EDL as a honeytrap for violent racist criminals would view the police and the government's blind-eye towards the EDL the anti-social equivalent of allowing that fabled fat boy on Charlie And The Choclooate Factory who was allowed (with a blind-eye) to eat as much chocolate as he liked until he was sucked up a pipe to his death.

The old adage of "giving the EDL enough rope to hang themselevs".

Once there is a drink-induced death, the EDL will then be banned and wound up. Unfortunately the poor victim of state-sponsored alcohol-related violence won't unlike Lasarus, rise from his grave.

The EDL's Acid Test said...

In the next 24 hours or so, the EDL will do their usual, and deliberately combine UNISLAMIC criminals, (paedophiles who ply victims with alcohol and drugs before sexually abusing them, and according to the Koran will rot in deepest hell for it), with EXTREMIST MUSLIMS who strongly disapprove of alcohol, sex and drugs.

(A story of a gang of paedophiles in Derby who just happened to be Asian came on BBC News tonight -

The story features dangerous peados who are a pole apart from Islamic fundamentalists, but guess what, cos in the braindead view of the EDL, brown-skins equal extremist Muslims, so they will no-doubt feature the story on their website, twitter, and facebook, as these racist cretins always do, tarring everyone with the same brush.

If the EDL is. as the blantant neo-Nazi liars like to proclaim, merely about extreme Islam, the religion, it will leave this story of the perverted non-religious non-believer Asian criminals bahind.

If however the EDL views all Asian people the same way, expect hooligan knifeman Jeff Marsh to go to town with the story, featuring it on the front page of the Casuals United blog.

So the choice is now the EDL's:

Either the EDL run the story and prove to the world they are 100% racist (Asian=Muslim Extremist), or they totally leave it alone, deleting all Facebook threads discussing it, to add credence to their claims not to be racist.

Do the choice is yours, EDL.......

Paedophiles who ply victims with drink and drugs are not Islamic. Don't pretend they are!

Anonymous said...

Will loose cannon Casuals United bigot Jeff Marsh be reigned in by BNP-member Yaxley Lennon, or will he be allowed to continue running Anti-Asian as well as Anti-Extremist stories on his blog, proving once and for all that the EDL are 100% racist.

Let's see if he chooses to run the (unIslamic) Derby Grooming Story(:

Anonymous said...

Have you seen the weather forecast for Saturday?
Stay home by the fire and let the EDL tossers freeze their tiny bollocks off all alone.

Anonymous said...

The BNP has one fewer councillor this evening after Emma Colgate informed Thurrock council that she was no longer taking the BNP whip.

Colgate, once close to Griffin, is just the latest councillor to withdraw from the BNP and it is yet another sign that party is collapsing. A few days ago it was claimed that BNP membership was down 50% on 2009

Anonymous said...

You could be right "Professor" @ 5.56pm. I was thinking something similar.

Maybe the State does want the EDL to run riot?

The State isn't necessarily against mob violence if it serves their interests. Take, for instance, that Police Van, 'conveniently' left where it could be trashed at yesterday's Student protest in London. That provided a photo op for the media to run the story: Student demonstrator = violent criminal.

Rude Alf said...

Sure looks like the goverment are stitching us and the edl right up. Allow neo nazis and students to march, give them the opportunity to riot and a bigger tougher version of the criminal justice bill may be just around the corner.

NewsHound said...


Anonymous said...

Sure looks like the goverment are stitching us and the edl right up. Allow neo nazis and students to march, give them the opportunity to riot and a bigger tougher version of the criminal justice bill may be just around the corner.

Stop playing into the goverments hands theN, STAY AT HOME.

Anonymous said...

" Stop playing into the goverments hands theN, STAY AT HOME."

Not when there are nazis to stop, its great british tradition to stand up to fascists.

Anonymous said...

'BNP rejects threat claims against North West Tory MEP'

Anonymous said...

EDL on facebook admitting to using multiple profiles

edl mole said...

Edl demo details reveal designated pubs for the nutzis

John P said...

It's all kicking off in Preston and Nuneaton. Very very poor policing by the sounds of it are making the situation worse.
Live updates on here and here!/hope.n.hate

Anonymous said...

If you read the Lancashire Evening Post's reports from the demo:

and then HopenotHate's live blog from the same then you'd think they were two completely different events!

The LEP seem to be downplaying the violence that happened.