November 08, 2010


Surprising almost nobody at all, BNP leader Nick Griffin was re-admitted to hospital "under doctor's orders" yesterday, the eve of his appearance alongside Simon Darby and Tanya Lumby at the Royal Courts of Justice, where the Equalities and Human Rights Commission is seeking an order to either fine or gaol the three for failing to comply with an order made by the Central London County Court on March 12th requiring the removal of two "indirectly racist" clauses from the BNP constitution.

The case is due to be heard at 10.30 this morning (Monday), and supporters of the racist party have been instructed demonstrate outside the Royal Courts of Justice from 9.30.

Griffin is unlikely to attend, claiming to be in extreme pain due to kidney stones.

The proceedings were initially scheduled for early September, but were adjourned after Griffin arrived late, claiming to have taken three and a half hours to travel from the East End to the High Court (BNP supporters from all over the country were outside the court over an hour before the case went on), and because of Griffin's late submission of documents.

Tweeting that he had begun to feel "really bad stomach pains" about midday last Thursday, Griffin was admitted to hospital in the afternoon suffering from suspected kidney stones, and through his "fog of pain" tweeted that he wasn't sure "about [the] court case on Monday". By the next morning he was "Writing & dictating bulletins & final Cehr case appeal from hospital bed."

On Saturday the 6th Griffin was out of hospital, tweeting: "Will be fine for court on Monday, provided pesky stone stays where it is at present," adding, "Would be awkward to be in agony in witness box."

Griffin's detractors, knowing of his past record of claiming illness just before a court appearance, were less than impressed, especially as, while Saturday wore on, Griffin continued to publicly complain of his "sickening level of pain". He seemed to be complaining a little too loud and a little too often.

Whatever Griffin's level of pain, he was certainly in hospital yesterday, where a sombre Simon Darby paid him a visit, blogging later that the invalid was "feeling better".

Never one to miss an opportunity to squeeze his members, Nick's kidney stones were impressed into the party's dash for cash when another begging email masquerading as a "Chairman's Update" was fired off late yesterday afternoon. In it Griffin claims that the EHRC case against himself, Darby and Lumby is "most certainly going ahead" whether he appears or not, but ultimately that decision will rest with the judges, Lord Justice Moore-Brick and Mr Justice Ramsey.

The Commission For Equality And Human Rights v Griffin, if it goes ahead, is expected to end on Tuesday afternoon.


Kev Scott loves The Jam said...

Not so much a case of 'pissing kidney stones' more like 'shitting bricks'.

What a complete loser!!!

Anonymous said...

I think griffin has found a stone and lost his marbles (no pun) and now see's himself as some harry grout charcter out of the sitcom porridge.

ex-bnp said...

Even his dwindling band of die-hard bum-lickers can't help but chuckle at the bare-faced bullshit of Gri££in with this one!

Aside from being loathed for a profusion of nasty traits, cowardice is certainly the attribute in most abundance at the moment.

I can remember being at school, which I hated, I would sometimes cry to my mum to write me a note so I could ‘get out of it’ and spend the day in bed avoiding seeing the place if only temporarily.

Gri££in is now that child, only worse. A spoilt, whinging, lying and manipulating little creep that surely deserves nothing less than being thrown in a cell for all the shit he has created for so many.

His ‘legal advice’ in the shape of his new hilarious and slightly deranged gimpess, would have been something like.
“Nick, what ever you do stay away from the courts on the 8th!......but don’t worry…I know exactly what to do to grind them into dust and win! Oh yes…just not at the moment……er…er…..I mean really don’t worry….er…er…just say anything! I’m onto it, it’ll be ok honestly….we’ll win….”

I’ll be praying for you Nick; believe me.

Rude alf said...

Gutless and clueless, oh what a leader he his eh.

Anonymous said...

how many times can it be postponed? Through tricks like this?

Can he get done for wasting the courts time.

Can the other defendants Darby and Lumby still attend without him?

And/or can he be found guilty in his absence>

Anonymous said...

"Not so much a case of 'pissing kidney stones' more like 'shitting bricks'."

Ha ha ha ha. That was funny.

Will the magistrates ask for medical reports and do kidney stones show on x rays or mri scans.

They should insist he has them done.

Anonymous said...

Chicken shit indeed, I wonder if he will do a runner now?

Anonymous said...

I've just spotted this on Butler's blog.


Parties that spent more than £250,000 in campaign expenditure during the General Election were required to submit their return to the Electoral Commission by5th November 2010 together with an independent auditor's certificate. The return must include invoices for each item of expenditure exceeding £200.

The Electoral Commission will publish details of this expenditure on 2nd December 2010.

The British National Party is listed as a party that spent more than £250,000.

If it had spent less than £250,000 then the submission had to be made by 5th August. The BNP made no such submission."

sputnik said...

EXCLUSIVE-For sales: Nick Griffins Personal Kidney Stones ONLY FOR 2 Million pounds.

Ben Trunch said...

Oh what perfect timing for Mr PigPen to get "stoned". What are the medical facilities like at Pentonville prison? I am sure he will get excellent care there, on the VPU.

M'thinks M'Learned Friends need to bring this expensive charade to a speedy conclusion and summon the Tipstaff. The BNP have no plans to become an inclusive, diverse political party. The sooner the creditors move in, the better.

Barbara said...

Once I was on an aircraft when a passenger, a fit-looking man probably in his late thrties, began moaning about kidney stones, then standing up and calling for 'Mama', and then screaming. He started throwing himself, abdomen first, onto the back of the seat in front of him. Finally he got hold of a knife and stabbed himself in the abdomen, but thankfully it was an airline knife that did no damage. The aircraft made an emergency descent, and it took five cabin crew to sit on that man to keep him still until the doctors came on board.
THAT'S what kidney stones can be like. Not much tweeting possible, let alone 'rest at home'.
What a malingerer.