November 27, 2010

Three arrested in probe into EDL protest disorder in Dudley

Police have arrested three men in connection with the disorder and criminal damage that took place in Dudley in July.

Officers executed search warrants across Dudley and Walsall as part of their investigation into a number of offences of criminal damage and disorder in Dudley town centre, during a protest held by the English Defence League and an event hosted by the Dudley Interfaith Alliance on the same day.

The men, aged 18, 20 and 26, were arrested on suspicion of violent disorder. They were taken to police stations in the Black Country and questioned. They have since been released on police bail pending further enquiries. A number of criminal offences have been recorded to date, including criminal damage caused to cars and premises in the town on that Saturday afternoon, as well as pockets of disorder.

Among the premises attacked were residential homes around Alexandra Street, cars parked in roads surrounding Stafford Street, restaurants on Wolverhampton Street and the Hindu Temple. Many of these locations saw windows smashed, and damage caused to fencing. A number of vehicles were also damaged as they were targeted whilst being driven through the town.

Birmingham Post


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Wetherspoons/Lloyds Bars need to be boycotted nationally for accomodating British fascists.

Tim Martin must be a neo-Nazi sympathiser!

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Q. Waht do you say to an EDL member in a suit?

A. " will the defendant please stand "

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Just got this off the EDL's Zetaboards: -

Exposingtweets: EDL in Preston are now chanting 'Allah is a peado.' EDL stewards headed by ex UVF Leon McCreery are turning a blind eye to it.
half a minute ago via ƜberTwitter

Have you any information on Leon McCreery, Ketlan? Is he a former NI terrorist?

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Have you any information on Leon McCreery, Ketlan? Is he a former NI terrorist?

His family have UDA links. See the bottom of this article: