November 14, 2010

Police to take no further action over plot to kill head of BNP Nick Griffin

Cops investigating an alleged plot to kill the head of the BNP are taking no further action against a former member accused of planning to kill him.

Mark Collett, 30, from Rothley, Leicestershire, was arrested by Humberside police in April over alleged threats against Nick Griffin. He was sacked as the BNP’s spin doctor the same month for trying to launch what the far-right party described as a “palace coup” against Mr Griffin.

Mr Collett said: “I’m elated, I’m extremely happy, as is my family. I’m very happy and I’m now trying to get on with my life. I’m not connected with the BNP any more, although I’ve still got friends who are. As far as I’m concerned, justice was done.”

Sunday Mercury


Anonymous said...

I am now an ex-BNP member. We were requested to attend a meeting in Coventry where the "Murder at the Vicarage" tape was to be heard - except it was inaudible. Some people were chosen "at random" to listen to the tape and returned to confirm that the tape was evidence that dastardly deeds had indeed been discussed. All bollocks now apparently.

Anonymous said...

As yet I'm not an ex-BNP member but will be on 1/1/11.I was not present at the meeting but regretted my decision not to attend.
How could BNP members stand by and silently accept the lies of Griffin,Dowson and Hannam in the absence of the accused.
This was slander and defamation of character at its worse.
How do they sleep at night?