November 21, 2010

Lancashire Police gears up for EDL rally in Preston

Lancashire Police say they are working hard to ensure a planned demonstration by the English Defence League (EDL) next week causes minimum disruption.

The EDL demonstration in Preston city centre on Saturday, November 27, is likely to attract a counter event from Unite Against Fascism, police said. Police and council chiefs want people to be able to go about their daily business despite the gatherings, which have caused flashpoints of trouble at similar events elsewhere, including Bolton.

Chief Superintendent Tim Jacques, divisional commander for central division, said: "We want to make sure that Preston remains open for business as usual on the day and that there is no disruption to daily life, although obviously there will be a highly visible police presence throughout the day."

Preston Citizen


EDL said...

according to democracy forum your going to be there Ketlan ?
Make sure you bring a body bag ;)

Antifascist said...

"Make sure you bring a body bag"

What a pity you don't have the guts to put your name to your implied threat.

Anonymous said...

Make sure you bring a body bag ;)

Threats over the internet. You're Hard.

smiffy said...

The EDL neo-Nazis are spineless cowards who love making death threats to anti-Racist groups.

Luckily Preston and Lancaster have plenty of anarchists and socialists (including squatters groups), who will take direct action if necessary to defend Preston from the fascist scum of the EDL.

Anonymous said...

Hope Google are able to chase the IP address of "Mister Death Threat Nazi".

So much for the EDL claiming they are not nazis. Only such an inhuman national socialist would make such a threat to an anti-racist campaigner.

La Di Da Gunner Graham said...

Re: EDL said.

Extremely Dense League, QED ;)