March 30, 2011

AV ‘will bring in fascism’

In memory ... plaque in Cable Street
Tory chairman Baroness Warsi today urges Britain to say No to a change in our voting system to keep fascists out of Parliament.

She warns in The Sun that if voters opt for the dangerous Alternative Vote system in the May 5 referendum they could let the racist BNP in by the back door. Baroness Warsi says candidates will feel the need to pander to racist groups - leading to "more policies which appeal to extremists".

She adds: "Generations have been served well by the British system because fascists and extremists have consistently been excluded from Parliament."

Today the Baroness makes a public speech against AV near East London's Cable Street - where in 1936 thousands of anti-fascist demonstrators fought a pitched street battle to stop a march by Oswald Mosley's Hitler-loving Blackshirts.

Sayeeda Warsi, 39, a daughter of Pakistani immigrants, is the first Muslim woman to serve in the Cabinet. Her fierce denunciation will deepen growing coalition tensions over AV, which lets voters list candidates in order of preference rather than choosing one.The system is backed by the Lib Dem coalition members but opposed by the Tories. Lib Dem Cabinet minister Chris Huhne has already asked Baroness Warsi to explain Tory claims that a new voting system would cost the UK £250million.

Pro-AV campaigners have asked Deputy PM Nick Clegg not to get involved in their bid, fearing he may LOSE them votes.



Anonymous said...

I overstand mrs warsi's CONcerns,but I truly believe our rainbow uk citizens realise fully it's not in our interests to pander to far right wing parties,due to the last elections results.yes we have concerns relating to immigration issues,but we are too entwinned by mixed relationships to seriously consider bnp\ukip etc.thats my honest view.we should do a survey to fully tap into our nations views.we will never eradicate hate,but overstand hate.9xzulug

La Di Da Gunner Graham said...

Well, than should get plenty of Bum readers voting for it then.

Ted said...

Don't worry the state has that covered. This is why the BNP is being destroyed now. Better examples than the last few decisions - granny porn, a punk rocker and dominatrix getting paid more than Arthur Kemp, the sabotage of the Welsh BNP to stop it winning seats in the forthcoming Assembly elections.

Anonymous said...

"Generations have been served well by the British system ??????

Are you kidding.
Failing education, students ripped off, wars, unemployment, housing shortage, financial I need to go on? FFS.

Anonymous said...

Rather ironic coming from the likes of her, since she was appointed to parliament and not elected herself!

Anonymous said...

Opposing a fairer electoral system is a crap way of fighting fascism.

We should see it as an opportunity for progressive parties, which can also get elected under a new system, to raise their game and compete with the BNP in hard-pressed communities.

Anonymous said...

So why is the BNP opposed to it?

Ted said...

I don't know whst she is worrying about. The state asset in the BNP are campaigning for a "No" vote!!!!

"But campaigners mocked Baroness Warsi for failing to mention that the BNP were campaigning for a 'no' vote.

Katie Ghose chair of Yes to Fairer Votes said:
"The BNP are campaigning for a 'no' vote."

iliacus said...

No Baroness, AV will not "bring in Fascism"

Unless you assume that 50%+ of the electorate would rather vote Fascist than for any mainstream party.

I don't believe that is the case; and if I did I think I'd emigrate!

Anonymous said...

"She adds: "Generations have been served well by the British system because fascists and extremists have consistently been excluded from Parliament.""

What utter bollocks. Aside from the fact that generations of people have not been served well by the present system, fascists and extremists have been excluded from Parliament mainly because not many people vote for them. Where fascists have got elected has been because people have got pissed off because they haven't been served well by the present system, mainly run by Warsi's own party and the Labour Party. PR has helped the BNP but only when the mainstream paties mess up. In any case if she's so into elections then she should stand for election rather than be appointed. And I think her homophobia is on a par with that of the BNP.

Anonymous said...

Hilarious. I didn't have much of an opinion either way, but now I know Rupert Murdoch and the Tories are even using the Battle of Cabal Street and the threat of fascism to scare me I'm definitely voting for AV.

The Sun routinely describes anti-fascists as no better than the fascists.

The politicians and media owners tactic of whipping up hatred of asylum seekers, immigrants and muslims does more to help the fascist cause than any voting system.

Tony Tunks said...

I've just been reading articles online in newspapers about the EDL/BNP, and the troll who always pops up with long and lengthy racist retorts is some totally insane arsehole who calls himself "Jack Daniels, Your Local Bar".

Most Lanacster Unity readers must surely have come across the extremely annoying white supremacist "Daniels". To be honest, if drinking Jack Daniels spirit does this to your brain, turns you into a rabid racist who writes 10,000 words against Muslims and black people in every newspaper troll post, I'm turning fucking teetotal.

Your local Nutzi Wanker more like it.

Just why Newsquest don't ban "Jack Daniels" for his constant racism is beyond belief!

It is has been said "Jack Daniels" is a current member of the BNP's leadership, so why is he bigging up the EDL at every juncture?

Is the EDL just Gri££in's street-fighting racist plaything?

NewsHound said...


NewsHound said...



dale said...

I've also come across comments online by that Jack Daniels newspaper cretin.

Don't know what his real name is, though. Posts some sickening hatred online for NW newspapers.

Fascist newspaper trolls are such cowards.