March 14, 2011

EDL Inciting Religious Hatred – Again

The self styled ‘leader’ of the EDL posted both on his own wall and the main EDL wall last night that a priest was attacked, and inferred it was by muslim youths. Yet when asked for proof, none was provided. This kind of thing is becoming common place within the EDL hierarchy. In recent months there have been unsubstantiated reports of muslim youths doing all kinds of things, from shooting at Kevin Carroll to last night’s bullshit.

Now most people wouldnt just believe these claims without proof but the vast majority of EDL do. They rant, they foam, they call for an eye for an eye! Even one member wanting 10 imams beaten up for every priest that’s attacked.

This all came on the same day that a spoof article from a spoof Islamic council about padded bras being ‘The Devils Cushions’ was posted as FACT on the main wall. Even though it was pointed out to them, not once but twice by myself that it was a spoof, a joke, satire, I was ignored and ultimately banned from posting……why?

Its simple, the EDL leadership are doing everything in their power to stir up as much hatred towards muslims as possible.

How long will it be till someone dies as a result of these lies? How long till someone is seriously injured? How long till a mosque is burnt down in retaliation to a rumour? How long can the EDL leadership get away with doing this?

People ask why we are so concerned about EDL. My answer is simple, look at the screencap collection on Expose then tell me why YOU aren't concerned.

A Little Update. The EDL have just posted that a white male has been arrested for beating the priest up,

English Defence League (EDL)

Priest Attacked In Luton

“We reported that a priest was attacked in Luton on Sat night, we can now confirm a white male has been arrested and charged.

There are rumours going around that it was some muslim youths that carried out this attack but as you will see in the press shortly it was a white male.”

No mention of the fact that it was ‘Tommy’ that started this rumour!

Within 5 minutes this post was deleted…..back pedaling much?

Whats up guys, did you not like people mentioning where those rumours originated from?

One Million United

Thanks to NewsHound for the heads-up


Anonymous said...

"Even one member wanting 10 imams beaten up for every priest that’s attacked".

Reminds me of how the 'gestapo used to murder ten french villagers for every German assasinated.

The EDL are indeed neo-nazis.

Anonymous said...

Chris Beverley of Leeds and several others have been suspended from the BNP.

Anonymous said...

Just like their nazi predecessors and the BNP, the EDL try to hide the fact they are just as much against a large swathe of 'white' society as they are black or Asian.

Their sister organisation in Ireland, the UDL shows this through unyielding hatred of the Pope and all things Roman Catholic. Wouldn't surprise me if the priest assailant was in fact an EDL/UDL member.

Anonymous said...

A Muslim can be white, as indeed i am.