March 03, 2011

Fascist group’s secret Irish bank account

The BNP is funnelling all its cash through a secret Northern Ireland bank account, we can reveal.

And we can further reveal the party – which has debts of around £500,000 – is busy setting up phoney groups to channel money and assets through in case the party folds under the financial strain. The party’s ‘Doomsday Scenario’ is also hiding money from an ever-growing list of disgruntled creditors.

A Sunday World investigation has found the race hate party – run by convicted racist Nick Griffin – is putting all its money through an account with the Bank of Ireland. However the Sunday World understands the bank doesn’t know because the account is in the name of an accountant based on the outskirts of Belfast.

Bank chiefs at the bank are believed to be looking into the claims although publicly they told the Sunday World they couldn’t comment on an individual’s account.

Meanwhile there have been rumblings that the party is using the vast sums both their MEPs are getting from the Brussels gravy train to prop up the BNP. Leader Griffin and former NF pal Andrew Brons won seats at the European Parliament last year. The election success has brought hundreds of thousands of pounds into the BNP coffers.

An MEP is entitled to a monthly salary of €4299 plus a staggering €304 ‘subsistence’ allowance for every day they attend which they aren’t required to show any receipts for. And that doesn’t include the €19,709 which they receive every month which is designed for staffing costs. Yet last year Nick Griffin was forced to send out a grovelling begging letter to all BNP members saying the party needed donations or else it would fold.

“The BNP are totally insolvent with debts of around £500,000 yet they continue to trade incurring more debts and seriously damaging many small unsuspecting British and Irish businesses,” said a source.

“They are unable to pay the few remaining employees not shunted onto the European parliament payroll. Of the 23 employees they have 17 of them are being paid with European money. Griffin and Co have also left the staff recently paid off in Belfast and Nuneaton with not even the back wages they are entitled due – the only thing propping up the rotten edifice is the European Parliament payroll money.

“This huge pot of cash is strictly and legally only to be used to pay for European staff exclusively. Around 75% of all BNP staff are on the EU payroll, even though they work primarily for the BNP itself.”

And he says the BNP had great difficulty getting any bank to open an account on their behalf.

“No bank wanted to touch the BNP so they managed to set it up through a local accountant. He then doles the money out to the party people and nobody is any the wiser. This £40-50 grand per month is all that is keeping the BNP and Griffin afloat. The accountant was originally blamed by Griffin for the financial problems which beset the party even though it had nothing to do with him.

Sunday World by Steven Moore


Anonymous said...

Aha! It's all falling in place now! It was posted on the BNP section of the democracy forum two weeks ago that John Thomson was still on the BNP payroll as the Euro paying agent, and he lives "on the outskirts of Belfast." Thomson operates a company called ‘Comber Accountancy and Business Services’, 14 Belfast Rd, Comber, BT23 5EW, tel 02891 871 513 mob 07762 934 682.

It's about time we got on the phone to the Bank of Ireland and complained about their banking services to fascists.

Tel : + 353 (0)76 623 4768
Tel: + 353 (0)76 6234768
Tel: + 353 (0)76 6234771

Anonymous said...

This has been posted on the Griffinwatch site

"These were given to me by an ex BNP member about 4yrs ago. I never believed
they were real and thought Griffin was trying to set me up. So, real or false,
here they are. Some supposed BNP bank accounts.

Allied Irish Bank Account number- 24472210
Allied Irish Bank Account number-27193401
Allied Irish Bank Account Number-24296558
Credit Suisse Numbered Account, Geneva- 22675018
Swiss Banking Corp, Zurich Account number- 91174932
Banco Espirito Santo, Lisbon Account Number- 10655547"

Anonymous said...

Good investigative journalism - but somehow I doubt this is where the BNP money has been . . .

Anonymous said...

Comment at 12.30 pm should read "somehow I doubt that this is where *ALL* of the BNP money has been "invested" ".

Anonymous said...

I'm not too versed in N.I politics but I'm fairly sure Comber is a Loyalist stronghold.

Anonymous said...

more cumbria bnp members are showing up in ireland