March 08, 2011

Green Arrow's Last Stand! (or grovel...)

Last night in his “Paltalk” Chatroom, Paul “Green Arrow” Morris held his much-vaunted "Finding A Way Forward” session.

Billed as a “Debate”, and a Bridge-Building Exercise, the couple of hours were, of course, largely an excuse for Morris (“Warsash”!) and his long-suffering sidekick “Bertie Bert” to chat among themselves and repeatedly tell one another how eminently reasonable, civilised and downright gentlemanly they were.

Over and over again.

Despite the invitations extended to all and sundry, including Simon Darby and even Eddy Butler (!), those present (besides at least a dozen amused Anti's) were, for the most part, the regular, dwindling gang of Arrow Loyalists. All of whom were, naturally, keen to express just how eminently reasonable, civilised and downright gentlemanly everyone was being.

It was, indeed, a Night of Wonders.

Most notable of these (and despite a palpable sticking in the throat from Warsash, Bert and Corsham Crusader), was the insistence on addressing everyone discussed with the prefix “Mr”. Hence; “Mr” Griffin. “Mr” Harrington. “Mr” Brons.

Even (like I said – a Night of Wonders) “Mr” Butler. I would have at least expected him to be addressed as “Mr Brothel” Butler.

So the little gang got together for a mutual backslapping session. Everyone reiterated, once again, how eminently reasonable, civilised and downright gentlemanly everyone was being, and the session ended with the general agreement that they had, among themselves, proven that Morris was, indeed, the most eminently reasonable, the most civilised and the most downright gentlemanly one of the lot. A veritable successor to Dag Hammarskjold, with the diplomacy of Eleanor Roosevelt, the wisdom of Bertrand Russell and the saintly bearing of Simeon Stylites.

(Sadly for Observers, it should be noted that although Morris might agree that he has “a face for radio”, he certainly hasn't got the voice for it.)

A cynic, of course, might suggest an alternative view.

A cynic might suspect that Morris is a man who's world is crumbling faster than a jet ski made of cake and he's got to pull something out of the bag - Fast!

Having spent most of the past year leading a hate campaign of spectacularly poisonous vitriol against the likes of (Mr) Butler, (Mr) Beverley, (Mr) Cass, (Mr) Barnbrook and any other Mr or Mrs who dared to so much as not bow low enough in the presence of his beloved (Mr) Griffin; (Mr) Morris suddenly finds himself out in the cold as (Mr) Griffin adds him to the bonfire of discards outside the gates of his disintegrating palace.

Morris – a cynic might suggest – is motivated by pure ego. An increasingly frightened little man desperate to be seen as a Mover and Shaker; existing at the very Glowing Heart of Nationalism and feted for his wise counsel and heroic adherence to principal.

Problem is – he's picked the wrong team. And now he's desperate to get into somebody's – Anybody's! - good books once again.

And the stuff he came out with!

He is, of course (by his own declaration), one of Nationalism's “Old Guard”. That's despite many years of accusations that his supposed “history” within the movement is sketchier than the early days of Kaspar Hauser.

He sagely agreed with contributors who bemoaned the amount of egotism among the various factions while – arguably – having the biggest ego of the lot.

At one point, a rant about Harrington and his position at Head Office became a thinly-disguised plea for a job. (Hilariously, in one memorable aside, bemoaning the fact that (“Mr”) Harrington “isn't even a Member” before adding “I know I'm not a Member either, but that's for entirely different reasons...”)

He slated (“Mr”) Phillips for threatening to put him on Redwatch and denied, in the strongest possible terms, that he would ever stoop so low. Conveniently neglecting to mention the fact that in the past he has, indeed, stooped exactly that low.

He was beside himself with mock horror over the (“Mr” and “Mrs”) Kitchen revelations. Despite the fact that he presumably knew (along with everyone else at the Glowing Heart of Nationalism - and us, thanks to a post last year on Sharon Ebanks' forum) about it many months ago.

Despite the backslapping as it ended, and grandiose declarations that “we've made a start – we've opened a dialogue and now we need to build upon it”, it was most illuminating to return to the room a couple of hours later.

It was, of course, Business As Usual.

(Footnote: Having sat up in the Office listening to this landmark in broadcasting I was moved to catch a movie before bed. I chose Don Siegel's 1956 classic “Invasion of the Bodysnatchers”. You'll remember it's about people who suddenly and mysteriously don't seem to be quite themselves any longer. Just saying.)


Anonymous said...

Having lost the support of Wales BNP Morris is now attempting to gain support from any other nationalist cause. His whole world depends on the donate button being pressed by anyone foolish enough to get sucked into his wierd mind

Anonymous said...

The Green Arrow and his followers have always reminded me of the Dufflepuds in C.S. Lewis's Voyage of the Dawn Treader:

"That's right, that's right," said the Chief Voice. "You don't see us. And why not? Because we're invisible."
"Keep it up, Chief, keep it up," said the Other Voices. "You're talking like a book. They couldn't ask for a better answer than that."

"Why, bless me, if I haven't gone and left out the whole point," said the Chief Voice.
"That you have, that you have," roared the Other Voices with great enthusiasm. "No one couldn't have left it out cleaner and better. Keep it up, Chief, keep it up."

"Ah, you've come over the water. Powerful wet stuff, ain't it?"

Anonymous said...

OMG Arthur Kemps done a Simon Bennett and closed the BNP website down, Jeffersons fuming ...Oh Dear

NewsHound said...


Landale said...

Wonderful stuff Andy, keep it up you'll drive them on to Prozac at this rate :-)

also the C.S. Lewis reference is magic :-)

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Money corrupts everything. If the BNP was ever principled then it certainly isn't now! It's just a (ever thinning) cash-cow for a few selected individuals at the top.

Ideology and politics, if they ever mattered at all, are now superseded in the interests of ensuring the 'fuhrers' (now in their 50's) have a comfortable retirement in ten years or so.