March 05, 2011

Nick Griffin speaking in Swansea tonight

Nick Griffin is speaking at a BNP meeting at The Globe, 7 Mysydd Road, Landore, Swansea on Saturday.
Please phone the landlord to register a polite complaint on 01792 301 998.Thanks.


Ted Sargeant said...

Looks like a nice friendly little pub

AndyMinion said...

Strewth-what a dive!

Still: At least there's a cashpoint, so the Members'll have no excuse when Griffo tells them to dig deep...

Landale said...

@AndyMinion You dreadful cynic as if the Glorious Leader would do any such thing!

Probably just get his henchmen to dag the whole machine away - you make the several assumptions oneof which are that the average BNP is able to remember their PIN, let alone understand how the machine works!

After all, they have forgotten Boudica the bus, the Lie Lorry and now Alfred!

Kev Scott loves The Jam said...

Not exactly the Royal Albert Hall is it!

Jeez..... an elected member of the EU parliament spouting his evil bile in the back streets of Swansea (him being an elected member for the North West an all that?)

Not be long till his only communication will be the comments section of the green marrow bog.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm it appears ol' Nick has been cosying up to Nazi's while in Swansea: