March 24, 2011

Party’s over as BNP disappear

Porky Griffin - getting chunky on all that EU gravy
Far-right political party the BNP will not field a single candidate in South Tyneside in May.

A spokesman for the party said the move was a political decision in a bid to persuade national leader Nick Griffin to stand down. Martin Vaughan, fundholder for the party in South Tyneside, said the party was “finished” under Mr Griffin’s leadership. The move comes despite the BNP standing candidates in all borough electoral wards up for grabs at last year’s local elections.

Rival parties in South Tyneside today expressed their delight at the announcement. Coun Jane Branley, Independent Alliance representative for Westoe, said she believes the real reason is “disillusionment that they can’t get a toehold in what they thought were winnable seats in South Tyneside”.She added: “I am delighted that the BNP are not fielding any candidate as I abhor everything they stand for.”

Coun Iain Malcolm, the Labour leader of South Tyneside Council, also welcomed the party’s non-participation, adding: “I look forward to the day that the BNP as a political party is disbanded.”

But Coun George Elsom, Real Independent for Cleadon Park, described the withdrawal as a “big surprise”. He added: “I abhor the BNP and what they stand for, but I defend anyone’s democratic right to stand for election. Their candidate polled well in Cleadon Park last time round, so some people obviously agree with their policies.”

Mr Vaughan said: “Mr Griffin has attracted a lot of bad publicity and the party is in debt. There is a lot of disillusionment with him, and the party in South Tyneside want him to stand down. Under his leadership, the BNP is finished and we need him to go before we can rebuild. Previously loyal BNP members are being sacked throughout the country for speaking out against him. I don’t expect to remain in my role for much longer.”

Mr Griffin had been invited to meet his critics at a gathering at the High Lane Social Club in Hebburn at the weekend, but did not attend.

Mr Vaughan added: “He wasn’t even willing to answer his critics.”

Mr Griffin was unavailable for comment.

The Shields Gazette


Ex said...

The most Gri££in will do, is stand down, fade into the shadows allowinmg his freakshow of a daughter to take over (or Harrington or another Gri££in lackey so there is no net change, Gri££in still pulling the strings from behind the scenes)

The only way the BNP will change is if GRi££in is absolutely expelled as a member!

667 said...

Standing down as leader would not be enough.

The beast would still be there ready to strike again!

was once bnp said...

He really is quite a disgusting little man.

Not long now gri££in, we should have a bet to see who catches up with him first to get their money out of him. If the NI Loyalist's get to him first, there would'nt be much left for anyone else thats for sure. Shame ‘eh, lol

Anonymous said...

Birmingham next watch this space ?

Anonymous said...

Liverpool EDL Leader Pablo Carpo shows the world he and his friends use cocaine!

(please see the photo, katlan! )

NewsHound said... :-


Anonymous said...

Useful anti-fash photo!!!

NewsHound said...


ex-fascist said...

Meanwhile Brons has made a statement effectively coming out in support of Butler, albeit in the muddled and convoluted way that is typical of the man:

This is not the fence-setting that some have said to be. He has to all intents and purposes declared No Confidence in Griffin whilst giving Butler the benefit of his advice as to where he thinks he is going wrong in the hope that the advice will be heeded.

Butler's next move will be to publicly acknowledge Brons' criticisms and to make a public show of wanting to take them on board.

The "solution" Brons advocates is one he knows Griffin could not live with. In effect he is handing Griffin the loaded pistol to do the dirty deed himself rather than handing it to Butler to shoot him with.

If Griffin does not act against Brons now he will have shown himself to impotent. If he does the reformists could very soon have their own MEP.

This is big news for BNP watchers everywhere, wtach this space.

Anonymous said...

It looks like tits up for the BNP according the Andrew Brons on his blog?

23rd March 2011:
The Unacknowledged Complementarity That Is Destroying The British National Party

Anonymous said...

Forget "Nazi Scum off our Streets".

UAF protestors should start chanting, "Who ate all the pies?" judging by that photograph.

Anonymous said...

The only way the BNP will change is if GRi££in is absolutely expelled as a member!

Let's hope he ain't then.

Griffin, Harrington and Jenny being in charge is a good thing......for anti-fascists.

Anonymous said...

Griffin looks like he's wearing a pair of trousers he could fit into before he got on the euro gravy boat.

Former Regional Bod said...

Antifascists do not know what will break just before the elections: - If the EDL do not become a fully legal political party, Jon Snowy Shaw will be unveiled as the next leader of the BNP.

Late last week, Snowy via his Facebook account, issued threats of violence towards people who "protest against nationalists standing for election".

He might have left the EDL after "Merchandisegate", but Snowy is alive and well in Yorkshire EDL circles, in partcular Leeds, Barnsley, Rotherham and Barnsley, and it was Snowy's idea for the EDL to show up in Barnsley town centre to support the BNP, as a show of strength to NG to prove his might.

While BNP rebels are so-often spotted on EDL marches, EDL rebels are more than happy to befriend Nick Griffin knowing his failing nazi party already have an election infrastructure. Yes, the BNP are losing their old guard, but EDL rebels such as Snowy, will revitalise the BNP.

NG will tell the world he is passinhg over the party to "younger people", while EDLers would switch-en-masse for the new dawning of the British Bootboy generation.

Snowy is far more sinister and devious than Yaxley Lennon, and knows that EDL rebels acting on behalf of a behind-the-scenes NG would be a marriage of conveniance for everybody concerned.

GRi££in will keep his cash. EDLers will get rich quick, and thugs will defend BNP candidates with boots and fists at the ballot box.

If you don't believe me, be warned!

Anonymous said...

Yes, the BNP are losing their old guard, but EDL rebels such as Snowy, will revitalise the BNP.

What? And return to the "Marches, Ballots and Punch-ups" tactic that spectacularly failed for the NF in the late Seventies and which was abandoned by the BNP in 1994?

The mass of the British electorate will never vote for a party which is widely perceived as being violent so, that being the case, let's hope that Snowy does take over the BNP.

Anonymous said...

What was the threat Snowy made?

Anybody know

Anonymous said...

He's looking more like Alan Turner, ex-manager of the Woolpack, by the day.

Serious heart trouble can't be far off. Keep eating the sausages mate!

Anonymous said...

Have you seen this?


(link broken)

Adam Walker is advertising a regional BNP meeting on Sunday March 27th at the Cameron Social Club, Waldon St, Hartlepool, TS24 7QJ.

Maybe one to politely ring the owners about? I wonder what name they've booked it under.

The number's 01429 260204.

NewsHound said...


NewsHound said...