March 24, 2011

Man broke window in EDL demo

A man who smashed a window during the English Defence League protest in Leicester has admitted causing criminal damage worth £1,500.

Gareth Mooney (29) of Sandown Court, Wallsend, Tyne and Wear, broke the shop window of Big John's Takeaway, in Humberstone Road on October 9 last year.

Liz Dodds, prosecuting, told Leicester magistrates that Mooney was one of about 200 protesters who broke through a police cordon in Queens Street at about 4pm to challenge a group of Asian youths. The trouble then spilled into Humberstone Road, where up to 20 members of the public had sought refuge in the takeaway.

She said: "Mr Mooney was caught on CCTV giving a forceful kick to the window, causing it to shatter in a spider effect. His behaviour instigated the subsequent attack on the building which caused a total of £5,000 damage."

Mooney said: "I'm very sorry for the trouble I've caused. It was down to stupidity."

He was bailed to appear at North Tyneside Magistrates Court on April 12.

This is Leicestershire


Anonymous said...

You can't blame him. He truly believed there were Muslamic Ray Guns sniping at him from inside the shop! He was acting purely in self-defence!

English Defence League: defending themselves from nonexistent Muslamic Ray Guns since 2009.

Anonymous said...

By "all down to stupidity" he means "all down to racial hatred", the evil neo-nazi bastard