March 05, 2011

"Personalities" Of The BNP: Roger Phillips

As the slogan says: "People Like Us Vote BNP"

"The man is a machine in the cause of Nationalism and I am proud to call him my friend and kinsman. After Nick Griffin and John of Gwent, he is the only other man I wish I had met twenty years or more ago.”

Paul “Green Arrow” Morris sings the praises of Roger Phillips. (He has, of course, now also fallen out with both Griffin and John “of Gwent” Voisey...)

Roger Phillips of the South Wales BNP is just one of the reasons given by the ever-closer-to-the-mental-abyss Paul Morris for his falling out with the previously Godlike leadership of his beloved BNP.

For anyone not acquainted with Phillips, let's spend a few minutes looking at his glittering career in the Far-Right firmament.

The main thing to bear in mind is that Roger isn't a bright man. He really isn't. This is a theme we'll be returning to.

Dubbed “Super Activist” by Head Office (not that this means much: After all, both Morris and Michael “BNP Sleazebuster” Barnbrook have been so named in the past, and look what happened to them...), his finest hour came with making a short film, posted on YouTube, that provided all the “proof” curtain-twitching racist simpletons needed that Britain had, indeed, been “occupied” and was now “a third world country”.

Picture the scene: Wembley. November 2009. Porcine skinhead Roger Phillips takes his camera down the High Street and, speaking in hushed tones (even-hilariously at one point-in Welsh because “it could be dangerous for us here”) gives a running commentary about it “not being Britain anymore” and how “scary” it all is. Our heroic Documentarian even discovers that there are likely to be a preponderance of Muslims in the vicinity of a building called the “Muslim Welfare Association”.

Like I said; Roger isn't a bright man.

Carefully ignoring the simple fact that the Intrepid Reporter would only have to walk for a few minutes before he found streets far more to his liking, (and where he may even be allowed to speak English without fear of attack), the video launched a bit of a micro-trend among the Cineastes of the Far-Right for taking the old camcorder out to a local area with a large non-White population and letting it run while recording a narration of breathless terror and foreboding.

Some friends from Derby were even moved to produce an Asian spoof last Summer, in which they hopped on the train to Matlock Bath and filmed, with horror (and speaking occasional Urdu for fear of attack), the sheer tonnage of White folk present...

But Roger's filmmaking talents extend far beyond mere travelogues. He also does science, him.

Witness his frankly bizarre “demonstration” in a kitchen during which, by mixing various coloured liquids together, he shows the inner workings of immigration. Sadly for the Presenter, the liquid he uses to represent “The Indigenous Population Of The United Kingdom” looks almost exactly like urine.

Roger isn't a bright man.

This heyday of his filmmaking career was back in the time when, in the lovestruck eyes of Green Arrow, Phillips could do no wrong. In fact, Morris would solicit funds for the trips to London on his wretched sites, promoting them in terms of being “dangerous missions behind enemy lines”.

Then there was Phillips' short-lived foray into the world of commerce, as a bespoke manufacturer of tee shirts, enamelled badges and assorted ultra-Right tat trading as “British Patriot Products”.

Everything was going swimmingly for a time. Following his company's grand launch in a Derbyshire field at the 2009 Red White and Blue débâcle, the website went live and the orders rolled in.

Well, not exactly “rolled”, but staggered in at any rate. And then it all stopped. Eager visitors to the Site were greeted with a message alluding to “family illness” and that was that. Hell, you could even buy an official “Green Arrow” tee shirt. If you wanted to look an utter fool, that is.

Not only is Roger not a bright man, he's poisonously unpleasant with it.

Whenever he feels in any way slighted, impugned or otherwise put down (which must be pretty much all the time for anyone who seems so determined to make a fool of themselves so consistently), he's not one to take things lying down.

One Bristol Anti-Fascist was subjected to a series of 'phone threats from Phillips that led to a Police investigation. Phillips was caught online telling Baroness Uddin “we're going to hang you one day”. He was most recently convicted of an assault at the Cross Hands Workingmen’s Club in South Wales when he admitted he “lost his cool”.

It seems academic to wonder if he ever had any cool to lose.

And now, courtesy of Paul “Captain Hogwash” Morris himself, we get a further insight into the patented Roger Phillips Method Of Conflict Resolution.

Morris, a man who, it should be remembered, has never exactly shied away from machismo, threats and bluster himself (once, famously, announcing that he would publish on his site the names of anyone daring to nominate Eddy Butler in the abortive “Leadership Challenge”), is up in arms, possibly cowering behind a pile of empty lager cans and, it seems, accustomed to “sleep fully dressed with your boots on and expecting your door to be kicked in”, in light of Roger's latest heartfelt attempt to achieve a mediated settlement to matters of mutual interest.

"ah f*** of you chicken s*** c*** were going to have you" says Roger.

"c***! you will be sorry soon" says Roger, by way of pressing his point home.

you are a f****** slimy little c*** keep the f*** away from wales anyone that attacks the party along with ga is a traitor to the country" adds Roger, in a comment aimed at Morris' hapless sidekick, Mark “Corsham Crusader” Kennedy.

(Apologies for the spelling and grammar - but then, Roger isn't a bright man.)

There's more. Much more. Sadly, however, my inbuilt mental profanity filter kicks in after a while and I just don't feel like printing it.

It's not like you haven't got the gist, though...

Evidently protected by Head Office and a popular (if not exactly coherent) speaker at BNP meetings, Phillips has been - so far - mysteriously immune from suspension or discipline. Maybe he's popular among the Branches. Possibly he donates well and often (something that's sure to curry favour with Welshpool).

Or perhaps they're just frightened of getting a visit from him.


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Anonymous said...

Just pulled this off the democracy forum:

Jefferson Running Secret Campaign in Burnley

It has come to light that elections floppicer Clive Jefferson has been running a very intense covert campaign in Burnley in an attempt to save his bacon.

He has been diverting resources away from Barnsley to Burnley in the hope that the campaign will fly under the radar and he can pull out a sneak win.

This is a last ditched attempt to save his floundering reign as the worst elections floppicer in the BNP's history. If he fails in this one he could be back on the nightclub doors as a bouncer devoid of his £28,000 salary plus expenses.

Kev Scott loves The Jam said...

Anon said:If he fails in this one he could be back on the nightclub doors as a bouncer devoid of his £28,000 salary plus expenses.

Well I certainly think that he would find it difficult to convince the authorities that he is disabled under the new rules!

Lol... i just hope the club he ends up running holds a Hope not Hate benefit gig one night :-)

Anonymous said...

What a charming chap.

Anonymous said...

There has been a massive falling out between Wales BNP and Morris. I have been informed of the details and it seems Morris has been exposed as a thief having "stolen" money from the NF in the 80's and the boyos aint happy!

Anonymous said...

So, talking of nationality, what is his nationality then. Welsh?? Or British???