August 05, 2011

BNP’s racist slur as they expel Nazi lout exposed by Sun

Nazi thug Chris Hurst [pictured, left] was booted out of the BNP yesterday after The Sun told how he gave Hitler salutes at a fascist rally. But incredibly, the far-right party tried to play down his shameful behaviour by spouting more racist bile.

Spokesman Simon Darby said: "He has been silly but he has not been caught dealing drugs or prostituting with underage girls, like some in the Islamic community."

We told yesterday how an undercover Sun team filmed Hurst, the BNP's London Regional Secretary, as he gave Hitler salutes and yelled "Sieg heil" at a rally in Hungary attended by thousands of neo-Nazis. And at an evening concert, he sang along with the "Aryan supremacy" lyrics of vile singer Saga, who inspired Norwegian madman Anders Breivik to massacre 77 innocents in bomb and gun attacks a fortnight ago.

Hurst, 22, had been rising through the BNP's ranks. Yesterday he looked bleary-eyed at the door of his bungalow in Whitton, South West London. He snarled: "I am not talking to you. I went to a concert. I did what everyone else there was doing. The party have expelled me now anyway."

Spokesman Darby added: "He realises that he has put the party into an embarrassing position."

Business Secretary Vince Cable - who Hurst stood against in Twickenham in last year's General Election - led widespread praise for our exposé last night. He said: "The Sun's excellent investigation shows the BNP is incubating some appalling neo-Nazis with shocking prejudices."

The Sun

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Anonymous said...


Adam Walker's up before the beak on August 12 at Aycliffe Magistrates' Court facing a charge of affray, three charges of criminal damage and one dangerous driving. This follows the St Georges day march by 'the Spennymoor English Cultural Society'.

Anonymous said...

Roberta Moore bragged about 'something big about to happen in Europe this year' as far back as December.

The coppers ought to interview her!

Anonymous said...

Another address for the Sun to investigate:

1 the Plams
Trecco Bay