August 05, 2011

HATE, My Life in the British Far Right by Matthew Collins

Ever wondered why people join fascist organisations? We are giving you the chance to find out. Our supporters have the opportunity to buy an advance copy of Hate – the story of Matthew Collins’ former life inside the National Front, BNP and Combat 18.

This excellent book is about a young man growing up on a council estate in south London in the 1980s. Disruptive at school, bored with life and alienated with a changing society around him, Collins was an angry young man drawn towards the race hate politics of the British far-right. They spoke his language, described a worldview he could understand and targeted opponents he could hate. Over the next few years he rose through the ranks of fascist groups. He became the Chairman of south London NF and a close confidant of the party leader; he then went on to volunteer at the BNP's HQ in Welling south London; and he was active on the streets with Combat 18.

Within these groups were individuals prepared to hurt and even kill to make their dreams a reality. Gradually, however, he began to realise that the hatred, patriotism and violence haunting him – from the playground to the pub to the ballot box – stemmed from his own demons. And so he only had one option – to change sides.

Hate is his compelling story. Order a copy here

“Hate is Matthew’s personal story, brilliantly told, incredibly funny and occasionally bawdy. It’s a stark reminder of waste, but also a skilful and agonising confrontation with life, class, poverty and identity. Reading it leaves a lump in the throat at times, because it will confront you and challenge your complacency.”
Jon Cruddas MP

Hate can be obtained from HOPE not hate for a special price of just £10 (plus p&p), a 33% saving on the publisher’s price.

Collins tells a story of a world that is depressingly common. Boredom, voiceless and increasingly angry, growing numbers of young men turn to the far right for answers. But it is also provides hope and optimism. Collins realised what he was doing was wrong, he switched sides to make amends and now he commits his life to trying to persuade others not to make the mistakes he did.

From Hate to HOPE – it is a book that is well worth a read
Nick Lowles

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