August 12, 2011

EDL ashamed and angered by London riots

The EDL leadership have expressed their dismay and anger at the crowds which trashed, burned and looted parts of the capital and other areas of the country.

Their leader, Tommy Robinson said in an interview "we just can't do it like that, we feel inadequate, I've been watching it unfold on the news and there are some genuinely impressive scenes, masses of people trashing anything in sight, there is passion, there is energy!" Robinson vented his frustration and took notes on the way in which the riots were organised, he said "how they mobilized themselves is beyond me, we set up coaches, arrange stewards, meeting points, and yet we could only dream of causing such damage, we pale in insignificance, we'll be the next BNP and me the next Griffin. Oh fucking hell. I'm genuinely ashamed of my organisation, we've let ourselves down massively, all I can do is apologise to my followers and try to better these riots on our next demo".

The EDL, despite claiming to be a peaceful organisation, are notorious for their drunken town centre smash ups, which they arrange to protest against militant Islam and to stand up for true British values. In the past they have attacked shoppers, smashed windows and caused thousands of pounds worth of damage. On their website they list their crowning achievement as smashing up a family restaurant and chasing its customers into the back.

Robinson has vowed to do one better, adding that "any looters or arsonists are welcome to come and join us, show us how it's done lads!!".

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Griffin and Darby lose appeal :