August 04, 2011

John Walker resigns from the BNP

A couple of hours ago the former BNP treasurer John Walker resigned from the BNP.
This is the full statement he posted on Facebook.

Hawarden Community Councillor John Walker has resigned with immediate
effect from the British National Party, citing irreconcilable internal differences with the party and will now sit as an Independent.

Cllr Walker, who was elected to the council in May 2008, represents his community in the Mancot Village hall Association, is secretary to its fundraising committee, is an active attendee at the local community policing meetings, represents the Hawarden Council on the North Wales Association of Town and Community councils and on the Hawarden Institute Management committee.

He said that the recent immature political display by a senior London BNP official who attended a skinhead concert in Hungary was the "last straw.
"I am a dedicated and proud British nationalist, and more determined than ever to fight to preserve our wonderful nation," Cllr Walker said. "But I feel that given recent events, I can no longer serve this aim within the BNP."

He said that he had been unhappy in the party for a while. "The BNP leader has appointed convicted criminals, pornographers and his own direct family to positions of prominence within the organisation.

"These people, who have no qualifications at all, are damaging not just to the party but also to members who get smeared by association," Cllr Walker said. "It is unfair to associate true patriots such as myself with this sort of activity."

Cllr Walker said he now wished to wish to continue serve the people of Mancot as an independent, free of any party political dogma.

He followed it up with a tweet from Radio RWB twitter account.
Radio RWB
#NickGriffin re Sun today, not so many years ago he attended similar events. What rank hypocracy, the clear out should start with HIM!

Pretty condemning really and it rounds off a rotten day for Griffin and the BNP


Shergar said...

How's John Walker intending to spend his days of retirement from the "Bestial Nags Perverts"???

Down the Stud Farm.


Anonymous said...

Looks like a horse porn future for him away from politics.

NewsHound said...


Wilheim Heils Bookmakers said...

I'll take 6-4 that John Walker will be tossing off to racy pics of racing horses, muscles toned, thrun a sting through the air, while logging on to the British Democracy Forum.

Who else other than a sick pervy BNP member would have been turned on a man fornicating with a well-hung horse?

Anonymous said...

What was the big deal about John Walker fancing horses?

He was a BNP councillor, thus a natural pervert.

They're weirdoes at the best of times.

Exbnp said...

He said that he had been unhappy in the party for a while. "The BNP leader has appointed convicted criminals, pornographers and his own direct family to positions of prominence within the organisation".


Anonymous said...

The B.N.P. are entering the final furlong!

Anonymous said...

Now it's Gri££in who's going to lock the stable door...oh fuck it, too easy.

Ex 1st Bn RWF said...

The horse thing whilst very funny is one thing, but no one seems to know what he got up to in the Army. I know a lad who served with him in Iraq and former Yugoslavia. He got away with some pretty horrific abuse of prisoners due to his hatred of Muslims, and is known to have shot at least 2 in cold blood whilst laughing about it, his nick name used to be 'Adolf' he used to encourage the lads under his command to do similar stuff. All covered up by the army when he got back they found out about his BNP affiliations and he was asked to leave. He tells everyone it was because he injured his back, that's a lie.