August 24, 2011

John Walker sacked by email.

We are hearing news that former BNP treasurer John Walker has been sacked today.

Walker who was the press officer to the two BNP MEPs had already resigned from the party in disgust at the behaviour of Nick Griffin and others in the leadership apparently received his marching orders via an email sent from party manager Adam Walker.

John Walker claims his dismissal followed revelations made by himself relating to the the ever growing influence Pat Harrington held over the BNP.

Labelling the BNP leadership as cretins earlier this month,Walker claims he has referred the matter for legal advice with the intention of taking the matter further.

This appears to be just the start of yet another "Night of the Long Knives" within the BNP, following the recent leadership election,which Nick Griffin won by a narrow nine votes.

Walker was a critic of the Griffin leadership,and laid his support firmly behind the challenger Andrew Brons.

Another Griffin critic due before the BNP disciplinary team in none other than far right veteran Martin Wingfield.

Wingfield,European Communications & Campaigns Officer and former editor of the BNP newspaper Voice of Freedom is due for his disciplinary hearing at the end of this month.

Watch this space.

Thanks to Nick Lowles at HOPE not Hate


Anonymous said...

The email probably finished as follows:

If you liked this email, please donate online or by ringing 0844 xxxxxxx

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Italia Antifa said...

Please repost this urgent international article about members of the Italian Jewish community scared that violent street fascism is restarting in Italy.

No pasaran!

Anonymous said...

Anti-racist rap!

Anonymous said...

Adam pervert Walker has only been a member of the BNP for 3 years, how can this CLOWN expel John Walker who as worked very hard for the BNP over the past 14 years.