August 22, 2011

Griffin scrapes through...

Walker (in uniform) as Griffin blows a raspberry

Walker (in uniform) as Griffin blows a raspberry

I'm hearing reports that unlike his political hero Colonel Gaddafi, Nick Griffin has managed to survive another day- but not such good news for the BNP's party manager Adam Walker.

Walker is currently up on charges relating to alleged drink driving and chasing youngsters around with a knife. Not bad for a former teacher some might say!

Today I've heard from a good source that Walker's elevation to the higher echelons of the sycophants' who currently surround and protect their glorious leader finally found its price.

Approximately £21,000 it has just cost Walker I'm told, including costs. A court ruled that it was Walker who should foot the bill for the outstanding monies owed to the BNP's former pin-up boy Mark Collet.

People may recall the circumstances surrounding Collet's departure from the party last year, when it was alleged by the Griffin camp that he had among other things, conspired to murder Griffin.

Today Collet had his day in court. Durham County Court to be precise. Poor Adam Walker, facing a possible driving ban was told he now has to foot the bill for the BNP's gung-ho attitude towards the law. After his other "incident", he does not even have his old teaching job to fall back on.

Hope not hate


Anonymous said...

This is the BNP Ideas site's take of today's events

"Ouch! £21,833.62 down in one whack.

I am pleased to be able to announce that my good friend Mark Collett has won his case against Adam Walker, the hapless BNP Staff Manager.

Last autumn Adam Walker signed a legal agreement with Mark Collett to pay off back-pay and expenses owed to him by monthly instalments. After the fake ‘threats to kill’ allegations in March 2010, Mark Collett was not legally sacked for a number of months but at the same time was not paid. This situation was eventually resolved by Adam Walker signing the agreement. However after a few payments here and there, the agreement was soon broken.

Adam Walker had to meet the liability personally. However Adam Walker was given some clemency by Judge after he claimed to have been left in the lurch by honest Nick Griffin.

The final judgement was that Adam Walker must pay £21,833.62.

This is made up of £14,250.00 owed to Mark Collett with an extra £250.02 in interest because of the delay. Due to the frivolous defence that Adam Walker was persuaded to mount, he was also saddled with a further £7,333.60 in costs.

It should be noticed that had the party paid up on time it would have saved £7,583.62 straight away. If they had sacked Mark Collett in March 2010, instead of delaying for several months, they would have saved, with office expenses, at least a further £8,000 or so. In otherwords pure negligence cost over £15,500. Or the membership subs of about 450 members. Flushed down the toilet."

was once bnp said...

Excellent, the fat moron and his goons get another kick in the balls - shame eh? I'm really enjoying watching their pathetic little world crumble around them; and I'm an ex-member!

irishtony said...

I just remembered a great quote from Erasmus,

"In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is KIng"

How apt is that in todays world?

Lets hope the quote resonates with unhappy BNP members

Anonymous said...

Did anybody see that programme on BBC2 on Sunday, "The Man who crossed Hitler?"

I must admit that I had never heard of this before. I think there's a documentary about it on Saturday. And "Yesterday" channel is currently repeating "The Nazis: A warning from history".

That is worth watching too. It actually came out in 1997.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha Adam Walker a sexual preditor and Walter Mitty, pretending to be a soldier ha ha.
GreaT stuff hope he gets locked up for threatening young children with KNIFE, he is pure scumbag. Hope he has to sell his house to pay this money to Mark lol pmsl rolf ha ha ha

Anonymous said...

You people are not worth the steam off Adam Walkers S*** !!

Kev Scott loves The Jam said...

Anon: "You people are not worth the steam off Adam Walkers S*** !!"

Awww diddums...... did you want to have it all to sniff yourself?

If you honestly believe what you said then you deseve the bnp..... or are you him (or his equally as crap brother?)

Anonymous said...

"Yesterday" channel is currently repeating "The Nazis: A warning from history".

Best doc ever on the Nazis.

Prof. Ian Kershaw was the historical advisor on it so you can trust the analysis.

Anonymous said...

You people are not worth the steam off Adam Walkers S*** !!

You're a real charmer !

Anonymous said...

As an EX BNP member, i am delighted this moron WALKER has been stitched up by Griffin and co. He is just a dunbell like Clive Sniff Sniff druggy Jefferson.

Anonymous said...

Market Drayton Dinner was a dead duck, only 15 people turned up to listen to GriffPig. He has lost the plot and 90% of members know he is a FRAUD a ROBBER a SCOUNDREL a NOSE in the PIG Trough.GriffPig and his family have been robbing members for years. Time is running out for the SWINE!!!!!!!!!