August 17, 2011

EDL stoop to all time low, yet again

Some of you may remember the lead up to the Luton Demo. The EDL had just received several bad blows to their popularity (what a surprise) and were desperate to gain support and paint muslims in a bad light to do so.

This was when Kev Carroll (Tommy's uncle and co-leader of the EDL) claimed to have been chased round his back garden by a ninja shotgun-waving man, who obviously introduced himself to Kev as being a muslim.

Kev unceremoniously claimed to have surrendered his family to the ninja by abandoning them and fleeing to save his own life (stuff the family I am out of here). Kev then claimed to have 'stubbed' his toe in his rush to run away (everyone say awwwww!).

It was no real surprise to find that the police rushed to the scene and found no evidence at all of their ever being an incident and door to door enquiries also failed to provide any witnesses at all, not a single one.

Sticking to the same tactics, we now find Tommy Robinson aiming to grab the headlines as some sort of hero (why do these creeps just not join the army). Tommy was recently stopped by Police in yet another of his street brawls (I bet it was brown people) with total strangers. Tommy quickly invented a story that he was protecting an old lady that had been robbed.

No surprise yet again to find that the 'old lady' was nowhere to be found and still remains as much of a mystery as the ninjas that chased Kev (no surrender) Carroll. Next up we will have Guramit Singh reporting he parted the water in the English channel and saved a ferry full of pregnant ladies on an unscheduled Ghost crossing.

These idiots really do not get any more desperate and clearly show the intelligence of those that accept these stories as fact.

Daily Star

Thanks to Zaahid for the heads-up


Anonymous said...

What is worrying is that the local Press in Luton are doing puff pieces about Lennon and publicising his supposed "heroism".

Anonymous said...

Tommy must have attended the same publicity monkey college course as Griffin lol

Anonymous said...

Four men have been arrested on suspicion of theft, yet the police are still trying to trace the victim?