September 18, 2007

New Nazi spreads hate in Scotland

A Neo-Nazi mouthpiece who was behind a sickening racist propaganda campaign across Ulster is now spouting his bitter views in Scotland.

Greg Cummings, who Sunday Life exposed four years ago as being behind the distribution of race hate literature in Ulster, is now peddling his extreme views across the Irish Sea

Self-confessed racist Cummings told Sunday Life that he had been booted out of the White Nationalist Party after he attracted too much media scrutiny of members of the shadowy organisation. However, he is now fronting another race hate group. Cummings is now described as a "recruiting officer" for the so-called British People's Party.

The group - which is linked to Ayran Unity, an online cabal of extreme right-wing organisations and which has members in Northern Ireland - boasts that the "veteran nationalist" and "ex-WNP comrade" plans to "revitalise" the organisation in Scotland.

A literature campaign run by Cummings and his cronies in the WNP coincided with a string of terrifying race attacks across Northern Ireland. After we exposed him as the group's mouthpiece, he claimed he was involved in a violent bust up with other members of the WNP and given the order of the jackboot out of the organisation.

Cummings also complained that his mother, who he said was appalled at his extreme views and his involvement in "white power" organisations, had booted him out of the family home.

Belfast Telegraph


Anonymous said...

Another good reason to re-build Hadrians wall.

Anonymous said...

why isn't scotland included in the local groups section of the UAF website?