September 28, 2007

BNP thrives on hatred

The revelation that the British National Party (BNP) has identified Horley as its new outpost in the south east comes when local anger towards over-development is at an all-time high.

Residents are no longer content to sit back and see their wide open spaces turned into massive developments and are prepared to fight any new plans for extra housing.

The BNP has obviously witnessed this growing anger and now believes it can garner support in this crucial region by criticising Labour's plans for more housing in the south east.

Despite the moderate talk, residents will hopefully be able to realise what the BNP really stands for and always has: a extremist right-wing party which thrives on racial prejudice and hatred.

When the BNP ran for a seat in the Merstham ward in local elections last May, it once again pushed policies which were important to local residents, including affordable housing, welfare and employment.

Its candidate, Peter Phillips, got thrashed and ended any likelihood of the BNP posing any future threat in that area.

Ultimately, the same should happen in Horley.

While Labour's plan for more housing in the south east may be controversial, it is still much more preferable than a party which thrives on hate.


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Anonymous said...

Good 'on them!
We don't want any poles or pakis here, thank you!
Ours for us, and bollocks to anyone else!
Do you want a foreign fuck living nextdoor to you?
Thought not!!