September 21, 2007

Protest against David Irving meeting in Coventry tonight

Tonight (Friday 21 September), with the help of the British National Party, David Irving, the notorious Holocaust denier and liar, is booked to speak at the Royal Warwicks Club in Coventry. Tomorrow night he intends to speak in Windsor, where he now lives.

Since his release from prison in Austria late last year Irving has gone back to his old ways, addressing a large audience of antisemites in Hungary, before moving on to a book fair in Poland, from where he was expelled.

Back in the UK, Irving has so far spoken at a small meeting in Rugby and popped up in John Sweeney's Panorama programme, Weekend Nazis, signing his books for admiring men dressed up in SS uniforms.

The promise of an invitation to speak to the European Society at St Andrews University rapidly evaporated after the university "raised concerns" about "security and use of their property". However Irving boasts that he still has another invitation to participate in a debate at a so-far-unnamed university on 23 November.

Searchlight calls on people to protest against Irving being allowed to spread his poison in Coventry, a city that was badly bombed by the Nazis during the Second World War.

Phone the Royal Warwicks Club on 024 7622 0425 to tell the management what you think of the club giving space to this man and his Nazi supporters (though don't be rude to club staff who had no say in the booking and probably object just as much as you do).

If you want to protest outside, go to the Royal Warwicks Club, Tower Street, Coventry CV1 1JS. Doors open at 7pm.

Stop the BNP


Anonymous said...

Why is David Irving considered anti-semitic? Can you give a full explanantion, please.

Antifascist said...

No. You want the full explanation, you read the case notes or better still, Deborah Lipstadt's blog:

I'll refer you to a post on our old blog:

'In 2000 Irving lost a libel case he'd brought against the respected Holocaust expert Deborah E Lipstadt for calling him a Holocaust denier. The court ruled that David Irving was anti-Semitic, racist and misrepresented historical information.'

Anonymous said...

Bravo Antifascist.

John P said...

The meeting has been canceled tonight, it was booked under false pretenses and the Royal Warwick thought it was a book club, it wasn't booked under any of the other names the the BNP use to hide their ID ( trafalgar ect)

Anonymous said...

Can somebody just check something out?

Was the booking made by somebody called Hughes - either David rr William (Bill)?

Anonymous said...

Well done that man. Who says internet pressure dont work. Its good to talk.

Antifascist said...

'The meeting has been canceled tonight...'

If that's true (meaning if they're not just saying that to fob us off) it's bloody good news.

' was booked under false pretenses'

No surprise there.

John P said...

The Royal Warwicks Club is connected to the Royal Warwickshire Fusiliers so having somebody like David Irving speaking there wouldn't look too good

Anonymous said...

So, if I question the amount of Christians slaughtered by the Romans, does it make me anti Christian?

Anonymous said...

Will the brainless nazi trolls who come on here, time and time again, supporting creeps like Irving, piss off back to stormfront.

Holocaust denial is a tool of nqzis who believe if they pretend the Holocaust didn't happen, more people will grow to love Hitler.

I saw an excellent stageplay about this recently, which exposed the lies and deceipt of Holocaust denial, and the fervently anti-semitic nature of Holocaust deniers.

Nazis like the BNP know that the Holocaust is a turn-off for many of their would-be supporters, so Griffin and co. would like to pretend it did not happen.

Just like they pretend they are not in financial crisis.

John P said...

An interview with irving in todays guardian.,,2179841,00.html