March 07, 2009

BNP 'ghetto' plan

The far-right BNP would put children in care into a boarding school and vulnerable families on to a "caravan site" in Barking if it won power.

Labour councillors have attacked the plans for the £20million school, which would also take excluded pupils, as "heartless" and the caravan site for families staying in temporary accommodation as a "ghetto".

Barking and Dagenham's BNP party says the plan would combat "extortionate" fostering charges, adding £6million was spent on keeping 600 families in emergency accommodation.

Labour executive member for children, Cllr Jeanne Alexander, denounced the boarding school plan as "heartless" and a "kick in the teeth of vulnerable people".

Labour executive member for housing, Cllr Liam Smith, said the caravan site idea was reminiscent of 1960s South African policy and called it a "ghetto".

But BNP leader Cllr Bob Bailey denied the temporary "static site" would be a ghetto, adding the boarding school for primary and secondary children would be a "beacon" for other local authorities.

He told the Recorder: "Lot of children are excluded from school and placed with foster parents. They don't necessarily want to be with foster parents. We feel they could be looked after better in a school run by the council and receive proper care."

Both facilities would be built on the Barking Riverside site, currently earmarked for 10,800 homes.

The plans were crushed at Barking and Dagenham Council's budget meeting at Barking Town Hall, Town Square, on Thursday. The Labour majority instead pushed through a four-year £434million capital programme to help tackle the acute primary school crisis in Barking and Dagenham.

Barking and Dagenham Recorder


Anonymous said...

Well a school for children would provide basic living facilities but definitiely excludes any family life or love and personal care - maybe this is Mr Kemp's suggestion as this is exactly what he has proposed for his children seemingly believing that all children need is the basics and there is no need for any emotional or social support. It is a revolting idea and undermines the good that so many foster families do and love that they willing give.

Anonymous said...

Before you know where we are the BNP will have the council creating a beach with real sand and selling ice creams on the caravan park.

Honestly the BNP have no respect for people at all, this would not just be a ghetto, this would be a betrayal of peoples hopes and aspirations.


Anonymous said...

For "caravan park" read "concentration camp".


Anonymous said...

Thought the BNP didnt like people in caravans? Arent they all "gypos" and "pikeys" - this is a very strange idea.

Who dreamt it up, Bailey? Didnt I read somewhere he lives in a caravan or mobile home. Is he a "pikey?"

Anonymous said...

As far as we know in B & D he lives in his car??????he may have a postal address in the borough but thats all it is.


Anonymous said...

Well Tulip LBB&D believe he lives here

Councillor R W Bailey
34 Sylvan Avenue
Chadwell Heath

020 8599 0260

If this is a monkey address then he is disqualified from office.

Worth a little digging perhaps ?