March 19, 2009

MP Nicholas Soames "appalled" at BNP use of Churchill image

Churchill shows precisely what he thinks of Nick Griffin
Winston Churchill's grandson has spoken of his outrage over the use of his grandfather's image in right-wing propaganda.

Mid Sussex MP Nicholas Soames reacted angrily after discovering a picture was being used as part of the British National Party's Battle For Britain election campaign.

BNP leader Nick Griffin visited Crawley Down's Haven Centre on Thursday last week to make a speech to local party supporters. During his visit he posed next to a poster of Sir Winston.

A furious Mr Soames told the Courier and Observer: "I am outraged and appalled by the use of the picture by the BNP. They have no right to use my grandfather's name, who would have thought them a vile bunch. I am taking what steps I can and so is my family to see what can be done to prevent the name being used. I deplore the BNP action. It is a disgrace and I hope that anyone who looks at the adverts will find them repulsive."

East Grinstead Courier and Observer


Barbara Suzuki said...

After shamelessly nicking from Vera Lynn, Jewish singers, and a Polish pilot, without permission, please or thank-you, rip-off BNP strikes again!

Anonymous said...

HAH but the prat has got his hand the wrong way round.

Churchills was the sign for Victory, Griffins is just an "up yours"


Anonymous said...

Actually it is Winston who is doing the V sign for go away, when Winston started to use that salute he didnt realise its meaning until it was pointed out to him so he then reversed it so as not to offend, I learnt that researching Agincourt on line

Anonymous said...

Just to confirm Churchills slaute in the photo is the obscene one, Griffins isnt, heres this from Wikipedia, kay its not the best source in the world but I cant trawl every Agincourt site again

"Churchill used a V sign in both versions to symbolize "V for Victory" during World War II.[16] Early on in the war he used palm in (sometimes with a cigar between the fingers).[17] Later in the war he used palm out.[18] It is thought that the aristocratic Churchill made the change after it was explained to him what it signified to the other classes in Britain.[10][19]"

Anonymous said...

Sorry Tulip, you've got it back to front:-

Two fingers in a 'V' sign means victory when the palm is towards the person(s)who is being gestured to/at. If the palm is the other way it is considered a rude sign or challenge to those it is amied at.
This way round with the palm in comes from the time when English bowmen were feared all over Europe. It was a defiant gesture to the enemy who would cut off the first two fingers of the bowman’s right hand if they were captured.
Loosely translated it means "come and get me", "up yours" or go forth and multiply

Anonymous said...

"This way round with the palm in comes from the time when English bowmen were feared all over Europe."

English Bowmen ?

Thats on par with accusing Cyclops of being Welsh.

Old Sailor

Anonymous said...

Churchill was a racist, bigot (and probably a homophobe), let them use his image it sums them up brilliantly.

Just see what he said about Chinese people

Anonymous said...

"English Bowmen ?"

Twas the french who used mercenaries and the weapon is called " the English longbow", ancient mariner

Anonymous said...

OK will hold my hands up, got it wrong, but then of course us females of a certain age dont use sign language like that do we? More often or not its a rolling pin or a frying pan!!!!!

Anonymous said...

"rip-off BNP strikes again!"

If anyones been ripped off its the English bowyers they invented the sign not Churchill. He just used it.

Anonymous said...

Well anon you are partialy correct.

Most of Monmouth Hal's (Henry 5) Archers were Welsh soldiers of fortune.

English Bowmen ? Only in the eyes of Tudor Spindocters like William Shakespear, and liars such a Griffin.

Old Sailor