March 18, 2009

Deputies fight BNP election campaign

The Board of Deputies has launched a nationwide campaign to stop the BNP from winning seats in the European elections in June.

Under the slogan “Your voice or Theirs”, the Board will be distributing 1,000 special kits containing posters, leaflets and balloons in the next four weeks to help grassroots activists run local campaigns to get people out to vote for a mainstream party. Previous elections have shown that a high turn-out usually means defeat for the extreme right-wing party.

The Board has identified the areas most at risk as those with the biggest Jewish populations - the North West, where BNP leader Nick Griffin will be standing, London and the South East. In the South East, where 10 seats are available, the BNP needs only 7.5 per cent of the vote to win a seat and only 8.5 per cent in the other two areas.

Henry Grunwald QC, President of the Board said: “As a community, we need to unite to say no to the politics of hate and extremism wherever they may be. The unhappy reality is that the BNP is gaining momentum and may well be successful in the forthcoming elections.

“I, for one, am not prepared to say that I sat back and did nothing whilst a national racist campaign is launched across Britain. The Board of Deputies is doing everything it can to support local community groups in our collective fight against the BNP and I hope that, collectively, we will rise to the occasion.

“We want the community to spread the word about the elections and the threat posed by the BNP. Use your democratic right and register to vote by May 18 or the elections on June 4. The higher the turnout across the country, the harder it is for the BNP to succeed. Every vote for a mainstream political party is a vote against extremism.”

Jewish Chronicle

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