March 17, 2009

Griffin to visit Exeter

Griffin and his travelling fundraising circus will be performing with the Battle of Britain road show this Friday March 20th at the Broadclyst Village (Victory) Hall, about 10km northeast of Exeter on the B3181. They used the same venue when Griffin visited Exeter last year.

The hall's trustees seem to think that because the BNP is a political party they have no reason to bar them.

If you wish to speak to somebody at the hall, politely please, you can reach them on 01392 461528.

For more information, click on the links below:

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Anonymous said...

Where did that pic of Griffin come from??

Anonymous said...

"Where did that pic of Griffin come from??"

Isn't that cut from a pic of Griffin and Collett taken at Leeds Crown Court.

Anonymous said...

Its going on the front of some leaflets at uni soon....

Is it considered in the public domain??

Barbara Suzuki said...

A friend of mine caled the number given about five minutes ago and spoke to Mr Elkin (or similar name). He was adamant that the BNP was a legal political party and was welcome at the Hall. My friend asked him to put on record her objection to his offering of a veneer of respectability to a divisive and hateful party.

Antifascist said...

Roy Elkins, chairman of Broadclyst Victory Hall, admitted he had received a complaint about the meeting.

He said: "It didn't affect anybody whatsoever as far as I'm concerned. If I thought for a moment it would, then I wouldn't have accepted the booking.

"It was simply a hire. I don't look at it politically. I believe in freedom of speech."

Given that, it looks like Mr Elkins accepts that the phone number for the hall is in the public domain and, if he really believes in freedom of speech (which I doubt), will take all phone calls as a demonstration of our freedom to criticise the BNP and state our case against it.

Perhaps we should check up on the ownership of the village hall and those organisations that fund it and complain to them too...

"Isn't that cut from a pic of Griffin and Collett taken at Leeds Crown Court."

I believe so. I've got the larger pic with Collett on it but couldn't bear to look at his ugly mug again.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps we should check up on the ownership of the village hall and those organisations that fund it and complain to them too...

Good thinking.

Anonymous said...

How typically selfish of Griffin and his chums to put the Broadclyst Village Hall's future at risk in this way. This hall could lose its funding or its means of support if enough concerned members of the public exercise their right of free speech to protest against the BNP booking. What Griffin has done is place the future of a much needed village hall into jeopardy. How selfish can you get?

Anonymous said...

Erm a google:

Its a reg charity.

It receives large funding from:

You could send them a written comment here:

Now someone better than I could look into complaining to the board of the hall, the local (funding) council above and maybe even the charity commmission about the status of a charity giving aid to the BNP.

Anonymous said...

Well I just hit the website to see what possible options there were and blow me down there was this note stuck on the front of the Home page _

"The Management Committee would like to reassure the residents of Broadclyst that there is no meeting for the BNP or any other political party to be held at the hall on Friday 20th March."

Nice work, its good to see the management reacting so positively !

Old Sailor

Anonymous said...

Which is good news, and no other political party, Mmmm I wonder if they have a 'British Heritage' meeting?

I'm sure the Battle of Britain Roadshow will be rolling on to a yet to be disclosed location close by in the same way as happened to the Gloucestershire meeting. Hopefully it will be identified before Friday