December 10, 2010

BNP Conference - The Secret's Out...

According to Hope Not Hate, a few minutes ago, The BNP's Conference is taking place at the Best Western Leicester Stage Hotel. The Address is 299 Leicester Road, Leicester LE18 1JW.

In keeping with the tradition that the only time Griffin doesn't lie is when he's asleep, the “Four Star”, “South Derbyshire” venue is actually a Three Star, Leicestershire hotel.

Who may just lose a bit of trade now that they've thrown their hat in with the BNP.

Best Western can be contacted, to leave your (polite) feedback at

The Leicester Stage Hotel can be (politely) phoned on 0116 288 6161


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Got to speak to the (alleged - see below) manager there, she was very cagey and wouldn't give me her name.

She said at first they didn't know it was the BNP that had made the booking. I suggested if the nazzers had lied about their identity they could have been refused entrance, she then backtracked and said they did book it under their real name.

She sounded veeery nervous, as if they'd had lots of calls already.

The only defense she was left with was "we have seven different parties here tonight so we're not racists".

I actually think she was some managerial underling as I was passed along a few times when I first phoned, originally hearing men's voices saying "not another one, you take it".

Mikhaila Brentnall said...

Just in response to your comments, Best Western are aware that a BNP Conference did take place on Saturday 11th December at the Best Western Leicester Stage Hotel in Leicester. The conference was booked under the name ‘British Heritage’.

Throughout the last year the hotel has also been host to the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats. As a hotel group Best Western do not get involved with any political affairs with any political party. We do not support any of the BNP's policies or any other party's.

Barbara said...

Thank you for your reply.

The BNP espouses policies that seek to make Britain an apartheid state where some British citizens have more rights and privileges than other British citizens.

No other British political party holds such hateful and divisive policies.

That is what makes the BNP different from other political parties, and that is why your hotel group, the Best Western, is contaminated by hosting the BNP.

It is reassuring that the Best Western does not support the policies of the BNP, but is the Best Western actually aware of the policies of the BNP?

Anonymous said...

I just rang and the woman who answered almost sounded proud to have hosted the bigots!!

"yes sir we DID host the BNP last weekend... is that a crime!"

I said "shame on you" to which she just smuggly replied, "well.... I'm sorry you feel that way! Goodbye!"

They deserve to be boycotted!

I hope they go bankrupt!