December 31, 2010

EDL gloating backfire

The EDL took great delight in reporting the death of Bertie Lewis, a 90 year old from Bolton who recently spoke out against them. "This was the old clown from Bolton who went on tv being a little daft dhimmi mouthing off about edl. 1 less commie rat to worry about," wrote the EDL on their Facebook site.

The only problem was that Bertie had a distinguished war record in Bomber Command and it wasn't long before EDL supporters turned on their leadership.

Michael Jones said: "Man was a war hero, regardless of who he supported. Get a grip admin, you sound just like the idiots we oppose."

Wayne from Blackburn joined the fray. "Stuff like this gives the Muzzies ammunition to ridicule. Remove this post."

Anyway, unlike the EDL I would like to pay our respects to Bertie. He was born in Chicago and grew up in New York and was one of the few Americans to enlist with the RAF. He was 19 when WW2 broke out and two years later worked his way across the Atlantic shovelling coal on a Norwegian ship intent on joining the RAF. He was eventually to become a Flight Sergeant in Bomber Command and took part in 40 missions over Germany.

In more recent years he became an active anti-war campaigner and every weekend would take to the streets of Bolton to spread a peace message.

Last year he took part in a demonstration against the EDL in Bolton. He was knocked over by police but continued his protest from a chair. He later told the Bolton News: “I fought the fascists during the Second World War and if I let someone like the English Defence League, which are the enemy, get away with coming here and protesting then what did I fight the war for?”

Hope not hate


Rufus said...


Alfie North said...

Every respect to Mr Bertie Lewis a brave fighter to the end. RIP

Those of the EDL who denigrate Mr Lewis's bravery in conflict show themselves for what they really are and deserve nothing but utter contempt..

Anonymous said...

The EDL is exposed as a party of Hitler lovers once again.

Anonymous said...

Complete and utter fascist scumbags funded by Swedish Demnocrats fash party founder Alan Lake.

former squaddie said...

The EDL must be shitting bricks worrying that very shortly both the Army and the Air Force will clamp down on their homecoming parades being physically and emotionally hijacked by the racist gang of malicious drunken thugs who turn up unwantedly at troops homecoming parades.

Something must be done by the ConDem government to ban EDL thugs from hijacking troops homecoming events by the so-called "flash-mobs" of these cowardly scum lowlife bastards.

I am an ex-soldier and I loathe to the pit of my stomach these sick pretend-patriotic bastards.

Hopefully the great people at Searchlight will ask the government to impose alcohol bans at troop parades, as in Yorkshire in the summer, I saw EDLers latching onto the back of the parade in Bradford, swearing, fighting, and swigging from cans of Carling piss.

Absolutely shameful and disgusting animals the british armed forces can do without.

Anonymous said...

Shame on the EDL.


Anonymous said...

Prison would suit the EDL hooligans well.

Anonymous said...

Fascist fuckwits of the lowest demoninator.

Anonymous said...

Gloating about the death of a War hero?

About their level.

With a lot of these guys their patriotism is largely fake.

paul said...

"Absolutely shameful and disgusting animals the british armed forces can do without".